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Unitologist zealots want to release the power of the Markers, and only Isaac can put a stop to the plans.

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1959d ago
CaptainCamper1959d ago

15-20 hours to complete the game? I completed it in 10 whilst writing guides and other content. 10 hours tops for a skilled player.

There is no struggle for survival. Sit in a corner, waste the Necromorphs and move on.

The optional quests are also a waste of time, contrary to what the review says. Hardly anything worthwhile at all, especially considering 2 of them have identical loot rooms with identical mob spawns.

Couldn't disagree with this review more, it was well written though and a good read.

Lisica1959d ago

If you enjoy the game and like to explore, you'll play it for 15-20 hours.
If you go for a speedrun, you'll finish it faster.

The game is pure awesomness, but like the article said:
"The story could have benefited by a stronger conclusion."

CaptainCamper1959d ago

As I mentioned previously, I was writing guides for my website while I was playing the game. I completed 95% of the content with the exception of co-op and I very much doubt they add another 5-10 hours worth of content :D

samus41451959d ago

I actually enjoyed one of the optional missions more than most of the main missions. I'll avoid spoilers, but it involved the guy with the traps on the ship.