Skyrim Update 1.8 Rolls Out On PSN

James Orry: ''The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim English 1.8 title update has been released for PS3, Bethesda has announced.''

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SnakeCQC1742d ago

i heard a rumour that ms paid bethesda to release a broken ps3 version for a while and fix it when most of the dlc are released on the 360

shadowwizard1742d ago

Lulz, epic rumor is epic.

Merrill1742d ago

While I must question the validity of that "rumor", I am highly suspicious of Bethesda's motives and work ethic towards the PS3 and it's owners; and PC owners for that matter too.

I always question a company that is part of the Microsoft payroll, i.e. Activision and Bethesda. Delivering DLC exclusive to Microsoft and making other platforms wait, for upwards of a year now.

Let us hope they're just incompetent programmers for the PS3 and that there is no monetary reason for it.

1nsaint1742d ago

Well i dont think bethesda purposly leaves out ps3 or pc, especially pc actually, look at the mod support with steam workshop and the texture pack they made for pc.

They just release their dlc for xbox first, because MS paid them a ton of money to do so.
Microsoft doesnt exactly has a good line up of exclusives so they use exclusive dlc to back that up.

And stuff on xbox also isn't bug free.. There where over a dozen of broken quests that had to be patched.

There even is a major bug in the new dragonborn dlc that prevents you from activating the quest that lets you smith the new stahlrim ore and getting the achievement that is tied to it.

ceballos77mx1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I doubt they paid to make it bug-ridde, but remember with oblivion and the fallouts, many months after release the ps3 gets the dlc.

I'm Hoping for the next fallout this stops, I understand 1 or 2 months but more than a year is ridiculous.

MysticStrummer1742d ago

They're incompetent programmers for every platform. They rely on the mod community to fix the PC version, while they work on fixing the lowest common denominator 360 version, and throw their hands up over the mysteries of the PS3. They have great ideas and bad code.

DavidMacDougall1742d ago

I heard Microsoft are really sony and they made the ps3 just to make skyrim look better on 360

cleverusername1742d ago

I heard the moon is made of cheese!

Tonester9251742d ago

My fart smells like apricot passion fruit surprise.

ravinash1742d ago

I wondered what that smell was.

TheTwelve1742d ago

MS wouldn't pay Bethesda to release a broken game on purpose (that's how folks get sued) but I can assure you MS paid Bethesda $$$ to keep the DLC timed exclusive. --- 12

greenpowerz1742d ago

That's not true. MSFT paid Sony to design the memory architecture for PS3 in such a way it wouldn't be able to proform on the same level with open and complex games.

You almost had it right just think bigger :P

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sandman2241742d ago

Well that didn't take

Merrill1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

About time.

testerg351742d ago

So are you suspicious of companies that have special DLC or exclusive content on PS3 games?

Merrill1742d ago

If you're referring to EA? Then yes, of course. But there is no such deals like the ones Microsoft has with Activision and Bethesda on the PS3.

Sony spends their money on making exclusive games and NOT purchasing exclusive DLC.

FunAndGun1742d ago

I have no clue why PS3 gamers support Bethesda at all.

Merrill1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Because as much as I hate their practice and attitude towards the PS3, I would have missed out on Fallout 3(New Vegas too, even though they didn't make it)and Skyrim.

The games shine through their incompetent programming abilities, lucky for them.

FunAndGun1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I do totally understand what you are saying. I love good video games as much as the next guy. I have bended my principles before and purchased games because I am a fan even if there are underlying tactics I don't like.

The thing is, nothing has improved since the first Bethesda release this gen on PS3. I just can't support that kind of company regardless of how amazing their games 'can' be. I mean its like we are back in 2007 AGAIN.

Fool me once type thing. There are many other games that will entertain me that don't make me feel guilty for buying in the long run.

Merrill1742d ago

Just buy used, that's what I do for companies like this.

That way they never see a cent from me and I help out a local bloke selling off his old games.

Win Win.

ravinash1742d ago

I'm just waiting for when the bugs are ironed out (the ones they will fix) and for the price to come down.
Maybe wait till all the DLC comes out together with the game and then I'll get it.

Tonester9251742d ago

I still put in a fake Birth Date and im 21

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