This is what a remastered HD version of Doom could look like

DSOGaming writes: "One of the reasons I love Doom 64 is because id Software decided to create new sprites for every monster and new textures for its environments. The end result was gorgeous back then and – to be honest – I’d love to see a remastered HD version of Doom. You know, 2D sprites that are wonderfully designed in HD. And since this is not going to happen anytime soon, I can at least satisfy my need for some Doom ‘OldSchool’ HD with this video. YouTube’s member ‘TJ Townsend’ has recreated a scene from Doom. The final image spans across 7 PSD files at a resolution of 9600×7211 pixels, and this project took him 35 hours to complete over the course of 8 days. "

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DwightOwen1896d ago ShowReplies(1)
BitbyDeath1896d ago

Awesome, now do a HD remake of Doom with the Simpsons addon XD

LightofDarkness1896d ago

I think I'd be brought to climax if this ever happened.

john21896d ago

same here. Would kill for a remastered HD version of Doom

LightofDarkness1896d ago

I've been hoping for years. I'd like to think Doom 4 will satisfy my Doom lust, but I really have my doubts after Rage (and even Doom 3).

Tsar4ever011896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Sorry, It'll NEVER happen again. Some of the key developers at id had left or been fired for some reason or another long ago. Just J. Carmack and a few other are left but these few are mostly micro managers and had little input to the end creation of classic doom. This is why Doom 3 turned out the way it did. Not to say it was crap. Just not CLASSIC DOOM. And also this is why I have very little hope for the upcoming DOOM 4.

So as of now I'll just settle for SGtMarkIV "BRUTAL DOOM" mod v0.17 with zdhdt/HD textures & HD sprites v.03. This is my remastered DOOM HD, or as close it I'm ever going to experience.

And oh yeah, Nice HD rendered pic though.

Merrill1896d ago

How many hats do you wear at one time?

RioKing1896d ago

It technically should be "hat's off" meaning hat is off...not multiple "hats".

young7yang1896d ago

Have you ever read bartholomew cubbins and the 500 hats.

MEGANE1896d ago

And that is why games cost $60. very impresive!

IaMs121896d ago

When they put into work like that and actually deliver, yup they should. There has been many great games this gen that devs deserve that price point but the majority fall short, unpolished and unfinished games pushed out the door to make a quick buck. I do understand that not every dev could produce Uncharted or BF3 quality, but when they promise or over hype it that its the next best thing, it gets a little out of hand.

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The story is too old to be commented.