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US Wii U Sales Trailed PS3 And 360 In January, Analysts Suggest

Tom Ivan: ''North American Wii U sales came in between 110,000 and 125,000 units in January, the console's second full month of availability in the territory, analysts have estimated.'' (EEDAR, Industry, Michael Pachter, Wii U)

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PopRocks359  +   776d ago
So what was that about it only selling a little over 30,000 during Janurary? Oh that was only in the UK? Okay gotcha! I'll do my homework next time!

These numbers are certainly not flop numbers, but they could be a lot better. I'm guessing after more games come out they should steadily pick up until Nintendo opts to drop the price some time either late this or next year, at which point it will sell more consistently like its competition.
dedicatedtogamers  +   776d ago
Well, the numbers ARE pretty bad when you consider that the system launched with Nintendo Land (which was supposed to bring in the Wii Sports crowd) and Super Mario Bros U (which was supposed to bring in the 2d Mario crowd) and neither audiences really jumped on the WiiU. It pretty much confirms that Nintendo is losing the large audience they built on the Wii.

We'll have to see how the next Mario Kart does, which was a massive seller on the Wii. But since neither 2d Mario nor "WiiU Sports" (Nintendo Land) are bringing in "teh casualz", WiiU is going to have a rocky future.
Sexius Maximus  +   776d ago
I believe the PS4 and Xbox720 will also have a rocky start and trail their predecessors. The worldwide economy has plummeted over the last few years. I think the Wii U has done fine all things considered. I don't think games are on peoples priority list when it comes to finances. I'm lucky enough to be financially sound, so I plan on buying all three, but I'm the minority. A lot of parents aren't going crack out $400-$500 so little Timmy can play his video games; whether for a Wii U or a PS4. Life was different 5-6 years ago; anybody who disagrees is too young to be in the work force.
mochachino  +   776d ago
I always knew casuals couldn't be relied upon. They've moved on to the 99 cent games on their phones and pads.
StrawberryDiesel420  +   776d ago
You're right, I mean how many times can you play Mario over and over and over and over and over again. The gameplay is good, not that engaging though that the game won't start to feel stale and boring, which it has in my opinion.
PirateThom  +   776d ago
34,000 units of software.

It sold 34,000 games. In total. In the whole UK.

Also, the article specified UK, why are you getting annoyed?
PopRocks359  +   776d ago
I'm annoyed because the headline of said article did no such thing and just about everyone seemed to take it as such despite the fact that the Wii U has not had so much as a solid week in the UK (as oppose to US and Japan) since launch.
Qrphe  +   776d ago
It was only in the UK. The article's title was obviously inflammatory and most people don't bother reading the original article or check their sources.
SilentNegotiator  +   776d ago
Yeah, that article starting with "UK:" was just trying to fool us all!
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dboyc310  +   776d ago
You do know it was 30,000 SOFTWARE not hardware
donman1  +   776d ago
Why is this even news... this is the norm for all new consoles in their early life cycle. N4G sure looking for any and everything that looks negative to bath the Nintendo company with... whats next....
PopRocks359  +   776d ago
I'm well aware. Go read the comments in the original N4G article and tell me if you think they know that.
Jadedz  +   776d ago
Hopefully Nintendo has something big planned for the Wii U this year.
Kevlar009  +   776d ago
They do, just not until Q3

I wouldn't call Pikmin 3 a game changer either
HammadTheBeast  +   776d ago
I'd say it's pretty bad considering it has no competition at all in it's gen at the moment, other than Ouya. What's going to happen once PS4/NextBox come into the mix? I'm still hoping they can turn things around, I was thinking of maybe looking for one.
Jadedz  +   775d ago
It's not getting the same games the PS360...
Is getting (DMC, NHL, etc.). 3rd party developers having been kind to Nintendo since the N64 days.
Starfox17  +   776d ago
Not bad considering no major adverts or games.
jp_footy2  +   776d ago
What is the most graphically impressive Wii U game?

Jek_Porkins  +   776d ago
Do most gamers only play games that are graphically impressive? I know personally I really only care about gameplay, story and controls first and foremost, then graphics.

Nintendo has always seemed to thrive on giving gamers fun games, not really graphical powerhouses.
deafdani  +   776d ago
He just asked a question. Why so defensive?
Qrphe  +   776d ago
None at the moment (Mario U?). We'll just have to wait for a new Mario, Zelda or that Xeno game (just don't expect 1080p resolutions).
deafdani  +   776d ago
I'd say Trine 2: Director's Cut. Yes, it's downloadable, and yes, it's also on the other consoles (as well as PC), but it's the best looking console version, and has more content on it that isn't present on Xbox 360 or PS3 (according to Frozenbite, the game devs, it was because they couldn't put said content on the other HD consoles without compromising the graphics).

Now, speaking strictly about exclusives, there's nothing noteworthy on Wii U in the graphics department. Mario Bros U and Nintendoland look nice, of course, but nothing to write home about.
silkylove  +   776d ago
For me personally I think it's Nano Assault Neo. That game is gorgeous in 1080p on my 50". Trine 2 is also up there.
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Oh_Yeah  +   775d ago
Wii u's most graphically impressive game? I guess that'd be ZombiU.
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deafdani  +   775d ago
You aren't serious, are you? Something tells me you're joking, but I'm not sure. :/
majiebeast  +   776d ago
360 (Jan 2006) 250,000
Wii (Jan 2007) 436,000
PS3 (Jan 2007) 244,000

Its bad when you compare it to other console's first January in the US and 1 of those console's was 199$ more.

Ill go back to ninokuni. The info is from neogaf so didnt really take much time to find it.

The sooner you Ninty fanboys face reality and stop cuddeling Nintendo, the sooner they get that they need to do something in short time and not 2014 or later.
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thezeldadoth  +   776d ago
man you guys spend time out of your day to go look for data like this just to try to rip on the wii u. truly nothing better to do huh. Meanwhile, i'm gonna get back to playing super mario bros u.
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Munnkyman  +   776d ago
I am actually afraid on how well the new Xbox and ps are going to do. The economy is still in bad shape and unless you are a gamer already, other people won't jump on buying new consoles. The wii u is 350 at most and people won't pay that, and it's not because people say its weak because only people that are into games read into stuff like that. I think for the most part as of right now most people can't justified paying that much for a system when they can barely pay rent. So when the ps and Xbox come out for at least 400 how are they really going to fare. I really hope they sell well
KrisButtar  +   775d ago
Thanks for those sale numbers I was kinda wondering what the others were like early on. As I've seen comments saying it's doing well and comments saying it's doing poor, didn't really believe either side as I had nothing to base it on.

Do you have links to those numbers? You can pm me since you don't have bubbles
SerodD  +   775d ago
The wii U sold 3 million units worldwide in it's first 3 months, both the xbox360 and the ps3 sold about 1.8 million units worldwide (1.8 for the xbox360 and 1,76 for the ps3), how is this bad, I seriously don't understand.

here's a link with a pdf with a study on this matter, made by a reddit user:
KrisButtar  +   775d ago
Thanks I'm trying to open the link now but my cell doesn't seem to like the page, I'll try again later. I know before, I was going to say it is doing bad or good, I wanted some numbers to look at. Another link I have from neogaf shows only USA numbers but I don't think it's doing bad, it had a great start from what the numbers show but since then the monthly numbers are slightly higher than the ps3s. So I'm not sure of all the doom and gloom
SerodD  +   775d ago
You're welcome, it is a really nice "take" on how the wii U is doing, the guy even went as far as to compare the reviews from the launch line up to other launch line ups to show it wasn't as good as it looked in the beginning.
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Munnkyman  +   776d ago
From all the doom wii u articles I thought it sold a lot less lol. This is not horrible but not great
josephayal  +   776d ago
Nice Numbers Nintendo, Nice Numbers
kenshiro100  +   776d ago
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   776d ago
n4g on wii selling 30,000 in a month: "yeah, defintely seems to be a terrible sign for nintendo. they should probably just forefit the generation now and save themselves the trouble."

n4g on vita selling 4,000 in a week: "It's not that bad."
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saint_seya  +   776d ago
well vita has only one contender in the handled market, and yes its a really good one and all, but Wii U has 2 about to come, and 4 counting ouya and steam console... so, yeah i would be more worried by Wii U # not saying that vita will do fine, vita is in trouble atm, im a sony fan and i can admit that, and for now Wii U is too, ofc things can change, time will tell
thezeldadoth  +   776d ago
lol just can't stop fanboyin huh. no matter what you guys spin facts and twist them in your favor. pathetic.

you guys praised the psp and bashed the wii clear till the end, and still refuse to see the facts of that outcome.

sit here and jerk it to sony and get your blood pressure high when nintendo releases multiple 90+ metacritic, multi-million selling games this year, nobody will care and you're only hurting yourself.
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saint_seya  +   776d ago
thezeldadoth: tell more about those awesome exclusives? like mmm mario this, mario that, mario those, mario there, mario here? lol im sry i played those games when i was 10 or so in my nes/super nes... now i play games that dont include mario in their names.. :/
And btw, where u were this last years, since i saw like so many great games for ps3 and x-box, yet nintendo had, mario, zelda, more mario, metroid, more mario, pokemon and more mario.. yeah with those supper graphics and osm controller from wii.. blind fanboys.. yeah you describe yourself. go play your outdated games, with outdated hardware, ill play real gaems =)
thezeldadoth  +   775d ago
i'm glad you assumed i haven't played ps3 and 360. i own both actually as well as a gaming PC. yes i played your precious exclusives, half of them overrated with the exception of MGS4 and uncharted 2. i'm glad you see a game with the name mario in it and ignore it, you're missing out on a lot of fun games. as far as outdated hardware, your ps4 and 720 are already outdated in comparison to my PC so whats the big deal.
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saint_seya  +   775d ago
Well i have a pc capable of running bf3 with all in ultra... so, i dont know whats your point, i can tell u that nintendo games are overrated, and yes i played them, i had a wii in my house, a friend bough one and left it in my house after 1 month, played mario, played metroid, played wii sports, and a few others, after 2 days was supper bored of em, only game that i found fun was star wars game, fun no? not a nintendo overrated game, a third party game.. so before saying something about me, like u said about u, first ask if i played nintendo games or not ;)
deadfrag  +   776d ago
People expecting Super and over the top sales for the next xbox and PS4,just forget ABOUT IT,the pace is going to end up being the same has the Wii U.Economy cant reach more, LIKE 7 YEAR AGO,all new systems are going to sell at slow pace along with the games releases.Thats the reason that the company that ends showing the better and more exclusive game experiencies will win next gen.
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lovegames718  +   776d ago
Another lil kid fanatic with a lame Nintendo character s his profile name lol Yeah Sony fans will get their pressure high as Sony releases new and great ips in the 90S metacritic ratings like Uncharted, Lbp, and others. While others regurgitate and dint innovate in hrdware. Next up Tlou and Puppeteer lol Go Sony gooooooo boom
HeavenlySnipes  +   776d ago
I think they f'd up. They were supposed to release this with tons of EXCLUSIVE games that would sell the system. Instead, its only offering slightly upgraded versions of multiplats and very few exlusive games (of which are meh)

E3 is approaching and by then, the Next Box and whatever Sony is plaaning will come out and completely outshadow the Wii U. The Wii U as of yet hasn't sold much and its unlikely that sales will spike after the other consoles come out with their upgraded tech and fancy graphics. I can already see the next Xbox having a Call of duty game demoed with upgraded graphics at E3 and Sony with Killzone 4 and whatever Media Molecule is cooking up
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megamanX2  +   776d ago
trailed? i though this was a new system not one that's been out for almost a decade.
wiiulee  +   776d ago
lol...and why not...xbox and ps3 are selling for dirt cheap....haters are trying to create made up problems for wiiu , point is its almost at 4 million with no games....when you have 3 dirt cheap alternatives if you include the wii in the meantime...when sony and microsoft come out with their expensive systems that offers nothing and wiiu games start hitting the system then we can talk....isnt wiiu sales still ahead of the vita...then we're good

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