Would You Buy a Console that Locked Out Used Games?

GotGame: One of the biggest rumors that could have the largest impact on the game industry from the consumer and retailer perspective is the story that the next XBOX will not allow users to play used games. You may take all of this with a grain of salt, but it is interesting to take a look at what it could lead to if consumers are not allowed to purchase used games.

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GalacticEmpire1770d ago

We need to make a stand as consumers and just say no to this. Taking away even that small part of our right to do what we want with our own game, which we purchased with our own hard earned cash, is a line that no company should cross.

No boycott in the history of gaming has ever really worked so I'm not expecting a boycott on this to work either. I just want people to stop and think about their own rights and question whether they are willing to part with those rights just to keep their favorite conglomerates shareholders happy.

EA, Activision, Ubisoft... tread carefully.

SCW19821770d ago

I agree with you but it's a business strategy that is working for Steam and also the mobile platform. It's an ugly truth but this is going to eventually happen. Colin Moriarty makes a good point about the inevetability of this on Game scoop I recommend listening to what he says. But still it is sad to see.

GalacticEmpire1770d ago

I'm not arguing the inevitability of digital downloads as the future, what I'm saying is, while we still have a physical media we needn't be screwed by big companies for more cash.

Steam compensates the gamer for a lack of resalability by having reasonable prices and excellent sales. If console manufacturers can match those prices then I'm all for digital downloads, I just don't like having choice taken away from me for the sake of corporate greed.

Enigma_20991770d ago

The thing about Steam and the mobile platform? Their games are ALWAYS available. They don't sell out/go out of print. The only way anyone should be behind these types of consoles is if ALL games are ALWAYS available, and worth the price they'll no doubt force you to pay for them.

Kalowest1770d ago

I don't care really, I buy my games new now.
Thank(whatever religion) for Amazon and Bestbuy.

Spenok1770d ago

Absolutely. Especially because buying new supports the developers. Supporting the developers means more games down the line.

Simple, but true logic.

DarkHeroZX1770d ago

I've been going purely digital for a while now so I'm not overly concerned. I only buy games I'm really interested in. All this does is insure I do my research on games I don't really know about before I buy them. This will also insure dev's try and make the experience for any game a great and well polished one. I can also see pricing for games working in our favor. If a development team knows their game isn't number 1 in the average gamer's budget then they may pull a Sly: Thieves in time and lower the cost enough to where it might be a big enough incentive to put the money down.

Thatguy-3101770d ago

I honestly wouldn't mind. I like many others don't buy used games and don't sell them either. This wouldn't really affect me one bit. But I do understand where the other people are coming from.

showtimefolks1770d ago

i don't think any console maker is stupid enough to block used games, and if someone is than this will be their last console and huge failure

V0LT1770d ago

You own nothing you buy.

MrBeatdown1769d ago

I agree, but only if we don't see an upside.

Taking away the ability to sell games is a bad thing, but only if the companies behind it don't make it worth the trade off.

I could see some potential upsides... playing without the disc, access to a downloadable copy, access to a streaming copy, and maybe even cheaper games.

The inability to trade in games is nothing but a negative if there's nothing in it for the customers, but if done right, it could be a good thing.

To me, the best thing to do would be to give the customer an option to choose. Let us choose between having a disc we can trade and sell, or let us tie it to our account for some added benefits.

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R_aVe_N1770d ago

Simple I don't buy used games... Never have and never will. I respect people option to buy used games, but I myself would rather support the developers that make these games. Most of the time you can find these games NEW for cheaper than you can get them used so I really don't see a point.

theWB271770d ago

The point of used games is finding a game that's 3 or four years old that you couldn't find new. You may be fortunate to get all the games you want but some dont have the time or money. By the time we get around to said game it could very hard to find it brand new. Where would you get the nostalgia and buy old systems and games? There is a point to it all...

R_aVe_N1770d ago

You still find most games new on Amazon even 6 years down the line. I recently saw Lair of all games at Amazon new for 10 bucks lol. It is not that hard to find these games. Older stuff like PS2 games well you dont have to worry about those because well that system don't block them XD.

sithsylar1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

No i wouldn't and the console itself will fail because games don't stay in store all the time so basically if you buy a console 1-2 years later after its released you will miss out on games..... Why doesn't anyone see this negative.

theWB271770d ago

I dont think they're going to do all this banning of used games deal. I do think they're going to make it extra to play online with used games and go through great lengths to make it a hassle getting used games online somehow.

Fatty1770d ago

Any fanboy will, and then they'll justify it like a beaten spouse.

sithsylar1770d ago

hahaha yep exactly, its exactly like Battered person syndrome. It makes me laugh so much.

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