Square Enix Won’t Release Final Fantasy Type-0 In North America, So Fans Are Taking Over

It's been a year and a half since Square Enix released the PSP role-playing game Final Fantasy Type-0 in Japan, and the publisher has not yet said a word about a possible U.S. release.

Enter the fans.

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jc485731931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

square enix can be f***ing retarded most of the time. It's like they got something that "works," but have so much trouble releasing it. Man, how weak is that?

kratos1231931d ago

naah man we are getting ff13 LR
that is totally what we were asking fore, because you know how much we love lightning

dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

I remember playing the Japanese demo on my PSP.

Knowing SE, it will probably never hit the West. Their incompetence this generation is well-known.

Anon19741931d ago

I've got to say, whenever you read and article that mentions "fans of series X", don't you automatically assume the follow-up will be "...are pissed about something" because that's always the case? I don't know if it's a reflection of the gaming media, fans or a bit of both, but when was the last time fans of anything were happy? Judging by the bulk of gaming articles, fans of video games haven't been happy about anything game related since at least '97.

akaakaaka1931d ago

okay I will recommend to stop hating SE and Final Fantasy, I don't are about jrpg now, but all this drama and hate and negative thoughts about it will only make thing worse and attract more negativeness into it..

give you pross on how they can improve and ask SE to bring their games over to you town.. don't ry liek a lil baby and this is not a personal attack this goes to you and everybody with this useless attitude about this game or any other game or theme...

trenso11931d ago

Yea deffinetly I pirated type-0 months ago just to play it even though I couldn't understand anything I got to what I think was the end of the game but I couldn't finish it due to not being leveled up enough or the right equipment. So this will be amazing if they complete this cause I would to finish that amazing game.

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izumo_lee1931d ago

Thank god i was fortunate to import this game way back when it was released & it was a fantastic experience with one of the best endings for the franchise.

However if Squarenix is not willing to localize the game, i wish these guys all the best in translating this massive game. This game deserves to be played by the fans of the series & it is a travesty that Squarenix is denying the fans the chance to do so.

Temporary1931d ago

Squaresoft has been dead for a long time now, us RPG lovers have come to terms with that, and pick up whatever gem of an RPG we can get like Tales of /// or Ni No Kuni.

I really dislike Squarenix...

-Gespenst-1931d ago

Agh, they NEVER said they weren't going to release it in the west.



izumo_lee1931d ago

The problem is how long it is taking them to do so. This gen when Squarenix created a game it has been localized quite quickly for the most part. Here are some examples.

Kingdom Hearts 3D
Japan March 2012 - NA July 2012 (5 months)

Crisis Core
Japan September 2007 - NA March 2008 (6 months)

3rd Birthday
Japan December 2010 - NA March 2011 (4 months)

Japan December 2008 - NA August 2009 (8 months)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Japan February 2012 - NA July 2012 (5 months)

Whereas with Final Fantasy Type-0
Japan October 2011 - NA ??? (16 months +)
This is unexceptable if you ask me no matter what the holdups are.

-Gespenst-1931d ago

Acting a bit entitled there... "Unacceptable"??
They'll get it here when they get it here. Read the second article I posted. I have a feeling that has a lot to do with it's belatedness.

DragonKnight1931d ago

Wanting to pay Square-Enix money for a game is entitled now?

-Gespenst-1931d ago

Nope. Complaining that it's "unacceptable" that SE aren't releasing their games over here, as if it's absolutely imperative that they make these games for us- as if we're entitled to them.

DragonKnight1931d ago

Except it IS unacceptable. See, by your logic, no one is entitled to any game ever. Square-Enix could have said "we're not localizing it" but instead they handed excuses leading gamers outside of Japan to believe they're trying. That's where the so-called "entitlement" attitude comes from. Besides, everything SE have done this gen has been unacceptable and it's pretty lame to whine about people who are legitimately upset by SE's complete shift in priorities and lack of quality this gen.

tiffac0081931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

^^So wanting to have a good game localize is bad now? :/

And are you guys telling me that this game is not being released due to licensing? and that SE can't pay for it?

This is an FF game. It can pay for itself. Make it multiplat. Heck even at download only. It will make a profit and pay that license issue.

rainslacker1931d ago


Licensing is nowhere near as black and white as all that. When dealing with a 3rd party license more often than not regional licensing could play a big part in hindering a release. Sometimes the amount to license something is just more than they're willing to spend, and no fan outcry will really change that. It may even be that the original license holder will simply not allow it for whatever reason, although this is rare.

If it is indeed the song preventing the license then they could replace the song with something else, explain the situation, and honestly I think it would make the holder of the original song look bad. Quite honestly, Square has some very talented musicians that work on their games, it may be possible to simply have them re-release an "international" version of the game with new content to cover it. The purists are a small minority, and while they may fuss, I believe the bulk of the game is more important than a theme song. On the other hand, if they got rid of "My Hands" from FF13, it would improve the game overall.:)

tiffac0081930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

^ I agree, they should just re-release the game with new content. I mean don't they usually change the song when they localize an FF game anyway? This entire situation is just sad, especially if this is about licensing issue over a song/soundtrack.

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izumo_lee1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Ok 'unacceptable' is taking it too far.

Also that rumor that Bump of Chickens licensing is preventing the game to be localized is i think personally an excuse & or a joke really.

All the games i listed had licensed songs that for some reason had no problems being resolved but all of a sudden FF Type-0 there is an issue.

If this is true this just proves Squarenix's incompetance this gen. If this was gonna be an issue from the very start than why would Squarenix contracted Bump of Chicken to provide a song for the game knowing all to well that the game may get localized to the west?

All i am saying that it is a shame that for whatever reason a fantastic game like FF Type-0 is not localized. I played & finished the game, i know how great a FF game this is. For a game of this caliber not be out in the west for this long is like i said a shame.

Godmars2901931d ago

Are you talking music rights and licenses about the same company that tacked on a generic US-pop song in place of a specific J-pop one for FF13?

knifefight1931d ago

Exactly, -Gespenst-

Talking bad about another company in business is a MAJOR no-no in Japan. That's why Square Enix won't say anything about the details of the music rights with Toys Factory. We aren't hearing the reason from Square because that reason involves another company.

Pozzle1931d ago

I think at this point (a year and a half after its Japanese release and with practically no interest shown from Square) it's pretty unlikely we'll ever see it released over here. :(

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MizTv1931d ago

Vita please
And I will get it day 1

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