Four Reasons Why The Wii U Is Struggling

With sales far below expectations and key industry figures now raising concerns, Nintendo’s Wii U platform appears to be struggling commercially. Considering various factors surrounding the console’s first few months, Mark Butler takes a look at four things that are to blame.

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Ramon3MR1957d ago

We need more software right now...Nintendo should've pumped out Gamecube VC games in the meantime.

Psn8001956d ago

Yes I agree Nintendo are very slow outta thee blocks , hope they get it right for a great gaming future for all consoles .

Garethvk1957d ago

My issue is that while fun, I get very bored with the games very fast. Zombiu is to dark and hard to control, Mario is fun but gets old fast and most 3rd party titles I play on PC or PS 3.

Godmars2901957d ago

That's what's wrong with the industry right now: no games you just P-L-A-Y.

Everything has to have a cutscene or storyline and make you involved. Even mini-games.

classic2001957d ago

Heres the NEWS

Millions of gamers actually play games for an engaging story with great gameplay. A great story gives the purpose to carry on playing.

Walking dead]
Heavy rain
Half life 2
Metal gear games

I notice that the best games release are the ones with great story and great gameplay combined.

perfectCarbonara1957d ago

So storylines ruin games now ?

InsaneChronos1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Every single game has gameplay. You can P-L-A-Y even a visual novel. The question is what kind of gameplay do you need.

MasterCornholio1957d ago

I dont think your capable of understanding a game with a good story and playing it at the same time.

Oh well you dont know what your missing out on then.

Godmars2901957d ago

Its one thing to have cutscenes and narrative cutting into a game once in a while, then there's having it dumped in every other scene if not every scene.

Unless its an iPad title there's next to nothing you just star up and play for a minute or two. Instead, you have to deal with a minute or two of exposition.

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MNGamer-N1957d ago

I think it has alot to do with price. When ps4/xbox are launched, Nintendo will lower the price making it the more attractive option for families etc. and will sell units. Same scenario as last gen.

zebramocha1957d ago

I disagree,I believe the reason they're in this position is,they didn't evolve with each gen in terms of content produced.

PopRocks3591957d ago

If you're trying to suggest that Mario Galaxy is the same as Sunshine and that Skyward Sword is the same as Twilight Princess, I'll have to ask you to take a second look at those games before making that assessment. Their core gameplay differs greatly and share very little outside of title and general formula.

Thepcz1957d ago

i dont own a wiiu because there are no games on the system i want.

pikmin may change my mind if the reviews are good.. if not, the day that xenoblade game will be out is the same day i buy a wii.

oh, and if windwaker hd comes out before then, i will buy it then.

LOL_WUT1957d ago

See thats the problem with many of the consumers and with Nintendo itself, theres too many people playing the waiting game. People waiting on Zelda, waiting for a Metroid game and on F-Zero theres just no incentive to buy the Wii U.

Instead of trying to rush the Wii U to the market Nintendo could've held back the Wii U until it had some of its core ip's ready to launch with the console.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1956d ago

Wow, did you just make a little sense to me?

I agree with you in a way but I also think that people who know that they will buy the Next Zelda and have the income probably should make that purchase now.

Especially if they think WiiU is being unfairly railroaded by the game industry, right now.

SuperShyGuy1956d ago

If you don't think Sony and MS will get their new console out before the holiday season whether they are ready or not you are crazy.

Hell 360 launched without HD because of that reason.

Hell PS3 launched with only on game of any significance Resistance the rest were sports games and forgettable games

classic2001957d ago

Nintendo gamers must be tired of these articles.

wishingW3L1957d ago

PS3 gamers were tired too: http://www.computerandvideo...

This is just the Doom Stage because the console is new.

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