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Tomb Raider [NA] - Monastery Escape Gameplay Walkthrough

Some new gameplay from the soon to be released Tomb Raider reboot. Watch at your own peril as there be spoilers. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360)

Credit url: cramgaming.com
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bunt-custardly  +   681d ago
Great video. Lots of action, a bit scripted here and there but not the Tomb Raider game people might remember which is good and bad.
panbit86  +   681d ago
Looks amazing! Nothing reminds you of Tomb Raider and heavily Uncharted-influenced but they've done a great job from the looks of it!
xtremenitro  +   681d ago
It looks great. I really liked the past few Tomb Raider games, I'm glad they don't just release these to cash in and actually put work in them. (Unlike so many companies these days.)
bharatiq   681d ago | Spam
hiredhelp  +   681d ago
looks wonderfull great Engine cant wait.
I still don't know why they called this Tomb Raider. It's nothing like it and even as a new IP it just seems bland. Not interested in these adventures of Lora Craft.
blackstrr411  +   681d ago
Cough cough DMC cough cough
trenso1  +   681d ago
Nothing we haven't seen in other games but looks fun though

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