Notorious Chinese Hacker Caught After Extorting Game Company

Last Thursday, a notorious Chinese hacker was arrested in Qingdao, Shangdong province. The hacker, a 24-year-old surnamed Zhang, has been plaguing many Chinese internet companies over the last year. reports that Zhang was arrested in an internet cafe in Qingdao, doing the very thing that made him a criminal: using other people's money to buy in-game equipment.

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tarbis1925d ago

The question remain. Will he be executed or recruited?

Root1925d ago

He'll join the League of Shadows in no time

Ashlen1925d ago

Why was he hacking other Chinese people? His government would have looked the other way if he was hacking outside China...

Trunkz Jr1925d ago

Money money monayyyy, MONNAY!!!! that's why.

1925d ago