8 Things The Next Ni No Kuni Needs

There has been talk regarding a sequel to Ni No Kuni since last April. While Wrath of the White Witch is a great game, it carries several flaws. This is a list of eight problems that if dealt with could do well to improve further entries.

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AztecFalcon1867d ago

I like that each point spells out Ni No Kuni.

rataranian1866d ago

Is this game anything like Dragon Quest?

contradictory1865d ago

the battles are real-time though
it has the basic exploration stuff going on
lots of sidequests and Hunts.

wide variety of pokem- i mean familiars to catch
stunning visuals, brilliant storyline.

yeah. it's an jrpg. and it's awesome.
highly recommended.

SadPanda1011866d ago

Man, I gotta agree with point number 4. I had a tough time getting into the game at first because of things being over explained all of the damn time.

Army_of_Darkness1866d ago

The next installment should have them all grown up and more cooler looking as well as slicker looking familiars.