Nvidia shopping for UK distruptor for Project Shield

PC hardware giant Nvidia is looking for a distributor in the UK, as they look to get all serious with their Project Shield gizmo that looks to 'upset' the console market. It can stream games from PC.

It also plays Android titles. Shield is expected to launch in North America this Q2, but the UK remains without a date. Nvidia believe it will "raise the bar" for PC and Android gaming.

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CommonSenseGamer1952d ago

For me Shield will be a hard sell however, next gen phones and tablets based on the Tegra 4 will be portable gaming powerhouses.

ctorretta1952d ago

Hah, Nvidia is shopping for a distruptor? Nice.

FragMnTagM1952d ago

Lol. I am going to distruptor all night long.

MontyQ1952d ago

thing might be great but dang it looks like a turd like a kid glued a screen to a 360 controller lol its ugly as sin imo

FlyingFoxy1952d ago

it only runs android games and streams PC stuff right?, i don't see a point.. personally i'll stick with my Vita and 3DS. I prefer full long games, not bite size ones.

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