Former Popstar Now Plays Video Games Up to 30 Hours Straight (Apparently)

Once upon a time, Maki Goto was a huge mainstream popstar in Japan. She was also a huge gamer and even appeared in Monster Hunter commercials in 2011. Now, supposedly, she's just a huge gamer.

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MightyMatt1011927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Sounds like she has no life to me 30 hours straight?! I haven't done that since summer vacation when I was 10!

Mr_cheese1927d ago

skyrim never even made me do that!

Ritsujun1927d ago

Now that's my type of girl.

Nawert1927d ago

I wish I has time to do 30 hours straight. Stupid responsibilities.

plaZeHD1927d ago

I wish I had the time to bang her 30 hours straight. [Go ahead down vote for perverted comment.]

sashimi1927d ago

Lol the trick is finding a good my friend who is a pharmacist, he just got a job working 12hr night shifts 7days a week every other week. He is making bank and doing it like a boss! I'm jelly haha

Root1927d ago

Probably singstar or something

As she cries into her mic with a mouth full of icecream about how crap her career has become