Chinese Actress Claims To Be Super Gamer, Supposedly Plays 5 Different Games Simultaneously

Chinese actress Li Xiao Ran (李小冉)is known for many things in China; she's famous for her roles on both the big screen and the TV screen as well as her prowess as a dancer. The one thing that she really isn't known for is being a gamer, and now she's out to change that.

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juandren1866d ago

Just one thing to say...

Ritsujun1866d ago

I was one of the 5. You know what 'game' 6 of us were playing. =)

Steadyhndz1866d ago

Kotaku has nothing to report on until the they report stuff like this.

Mr_cheese1866d ago

aint nobody got time for that

Sharius1866d ago

oh, you know, knowning too much about chinese web base game, i'm not suprise at all

Dark_Overlord1866d ago

Doesn't state what games, its pretty easy to run 5 time management or Facebook games at once (Heck I've done more than that at one point lol)