Latest Issue Of Games TM Scores Aliens: Colonial Marines 4 Out Of 10

The latest issue of Games TM contains a review for Gearbox's Aliens: Colonial Marines, and they certainly were not impressed by it.

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zerocrossing1928d ago

Ouch... I thought this game mite not live up to the hype but 4/10...

I'll hold my final judgement till I actually get some hands on with it, but personally I was really expecting a lot more from this game.

jimbobwahey1928d ago

Just make sure you don't spend money to make your final judgement, because you'll really regret it. This game is awful.

They're trying to play off the nostalgia of the fanbase to sucker people like us in thinking "Oh, it can't be that bad..." but really, it IS that bad.

zerocrossing1928d ago

Thanks for the heads up, this'll be a rental for sure.

fermcr1928d ago

Hummm... I guess the only game Gearbox Software does well is Borderlands.

WolfLeBlack1928d ago

Don't forget Brothers in Arms. I loved those games, although the new one is heading in a radical new direction in comparison to the old games. Be interesting to see how that turns out.

WolfLeBlack1928d ago

On the Games TM score system, a 5 is for a game that performs adequately, or in other words an average game, so they'd saying it was a bit below average.

To me, that equals a game that might be worth picking up when I can get it for £5 to £10. I stress might, depending on what else I hear about it.

It's a shame, but even I admit that as release drew near each new trailer and screenshot was putting me off, and this review confirmed my fears.

first1NFANTRY1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

my god, i'm preying this game really isn't as bad as they say. i for see alot of fan rage towards Gearbox.

Why do some third party devs fail so hard? just don't bother if you're gonna do a halfed ass job. It just doesn't sit well on your portfolio.

is this why we never got a demo? lol

seanpitt231928d ago

Dosnt surprise me one bit the physics looks terrible on the aliens

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The story is too old to be commented.