New screenshots of The Last of Us

Here are some new screenshots of Naughty Dog's survival horror adventure game The Last of Us for PS3, showing the Infected attacking the protagonists.

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Genuine-User1930d ago

Nice screenshots but I have seen all of them except the second last one.

OmegaSlayer1930d ago

Too cool, one week old new screenshots!

TheGamerDood1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

awww dude, you can see the body and fungi are growing into the wall of the building! x( That's so grotesquely awesome!

KruLLit1930d ago

I'm not gonna lie, the graphics looks like crap.

the foliage
the textures
the quality of pile of trash on the right

I expected more... Good thing Sony is releasing a new console soon

first1NFANTRY1930d ago

The atmosphere in this game is quite disheartening. That empty dark subway screenshot looks scary as hell.

maximus19851930d ago

looking forward to this one. flashlight or no flashlight....tough choice.

josephayal1930d ago

Gameplay looks solid and the graphics are incredible, looks like a PS4 Game

sway_z1930d ago

What does a PS4 game look like?

ZeekQuattro1930d ago

You must be clairvoyant or something? How do you know what PS4 games will look like? The game looks great even in these somewhat low res pics but lets not say that the game looks like a PS4 game thats being a bit overzealous.

deSSy27241930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Well... many other PS3 exclusives are looking better than this game to be honest...

Graphics are incredible? if thats "incredible" for you than you will never know what incredible really means and no, the game does not looks like a PS4 game lol... how can you said that? no single PS4 game has been showed to us.

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DigitalSmoke1930d ago

These screens are garbage, taken from a low bitrate washed out video.

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The story is too old to be commented.