Will GTA V Break the Mould?


"With the recent news of Grand Theft Auto’s delay to September of this year, Rockstar’s newest installment in their iconic series has been the talk of the town. Game delays are to be expected, and with companies as big as Rockstar, they generally serve to create a more polished product upon release. As such, no one is overly annoyed with the release date being pushed back, but many are wondering what sort of direction the game will take."

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Thantalas1895d ago

A good discussion. I don't think GTA V will break the mould, nor do I want it to become a different game.. Rather it will deliver GTA but bigger and better. Whilst I do love GTA IV, I do hope V captures more of the fun aspects of the previous games.

Mr_cheese1895d ago

I think it will be a natural evolution of the series, either way i trust R* the most out of all developers.

PureSophistry1895d ago

Hopefully it's a true call back to San Andreas

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1895d ago

It will likely be a call back to GTA4 with a message left by San Andreas.

koehler831895d ago

I'd be happy with another GTAIV with the addition of the greatly improved checkpointing of Red Dead Redemption.

I expect much more than that. A PC announcement would be great.

PureSophistry1895d ago

This comment should be the new Pope.

deSSy27241894d ago

"San Andreas gameplay" and improved IV phisics and all this tech stuff......

I do like the GTA IV but there are not many RPG elements in it, the city was small compared to San Andreas etc.

DigitalSmoke1895d ago

Rockstar is god of the genre, whatever they decide to make will push the bar (not touched by anyone other in years)even further.

I have no doubt that it will be very great.

matchu_peechu1895d ago

They don't want to leave anything out of this game. They're fine-tuning it as much as possible. I'm fine with the delay, because I know it's going to be one of the best games of all time.

Jakens1894d ago

The truth is R* knows what they are doing. I'm please.