Next-Gen Consoles Will Fail, Wii U 'In Serious Trouble' - Dev

Next-gen consoles will fail and studios discussed scrapped Wii U projects at DICE 2013, according to remarks alleged to have come from a developer.

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Patashnik1956d ago

Everything is so up in the air with the next-gen situation - so much rumour, so much speculation. The end of this year is going to be fascinating to watch! *grabs popcorn*

user39158001956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

As much respect I have for nintendos contributions to the gaming society, I have to admit the wii=u its not a failure yet, just a serious diaster with the lack of third party support. Here it's my advised, stop production of wiiu, start a more competitive console now and get rid of the awfull gamepad. Cut your loses early in the life cycle or attain 5 years of strugle and enbarrasment, wiiu competes with 360/ps3 its not next gen. Introduced new machine let consumers turn in wiiu for the enxt beast and apologise. I will be glad to buy another console and even turn in my wiiu.

MikeMyers1956d ago

I don't think they will fail but they all might have a tough time doing well. It is discouraging to see year over year drop in sales for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 along with the Vita and Wii U not meeting expectations.

Are we going to have another collapse in the gaming market as prices to make games skyrocket while innovation and risks dwindle?

decrypt1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )


"Are we going to have another collapse in the gaming market as prices to make games skyrocket while innovation and risks dwindle?"

Lets get this confusion out of the way, prices to make games arent going up. What is going up is?

Royalties charged by console makers,
Advertisement costs (a game like COD costs 50million usd to make, 200million usd to market).

Those are the 2 largest contributors to all the cost increases.

Crysis is still unrivaled by any console game out there, yet it only cost 20million usd to produce. Games like Metro 2033, Witcher 2 didnt cost alot to make. I think devs need to manage themselves better instead of looking for excuses.

Game costs may have risen, the consumer to play those games has risen multifolds over the years too.

On topic If next gen consoles will have a hard time?

Yes indeed they will have a hard time, consoles will need to restart a base from 0, until their user bases touch a good figure games coming out wont sell so much. Plus with this economy it wont be easy to get a good base quickly. Many people will be hanging on to their old consoles.

This is where i expect PC gaming to excel, as user bases like Steam wont see any reset. The user base will only keep growing. With over 50million users online, i think Steam is going to take a good chunk of the pie next gen, specially since new consoles will be starting from a fat 0.

Many of my friends who once used to game on consoles, now game on PC. This is because of the cheaper games and no strings attached about losing BC once the gen ends. Now since most of them have 100's of games on their Steam libraries, they dont intend to upgrade to the next consoles, until they see worthwhile exclusives for the new machines, even then they intend to keep buying multiplats for the PC only.

Highlife1956d ago


What you are suggesting would spell complete doom if they did that. There is no way I would ever buy a console from them again if they did that. I just got my kids a WiiU for xmas. They are very happy with it. They don't mind the lack of third party support for the system. They got the system to play Nintendo games (Mario Zelda Kirby). They have other systems for the other games. They are in it for at least 4-5 years. Once they release the next mario kart and SSBB they will be fine.

1956d ago
DeadlyFire1956d ago

3 months is hardly enough time to determine a console as a failure when we have console cycles that span up to 8 years before a new console comes out with over 70+ Million sold.

Nintendo is in a tough spot really. They didn't aim as high as people wanted with thier console and third party support is fleeting for WiiU with Raymond Legends, and Ninja Gaiden Razor's Edge coming to PS3,X360 as well now.

They have plenty of room to grab support. They just need more numbers. I say give them 1 year and then the console will be on stable or breakable ground. If Nintendo shut down WiiU and started a new console they still wouldn't aim for what you think they would go after.

NoTheMama1956d ago

Im a Nintendo fan, and I approve your comment. Bring out the SNES 2, and make it a beast!

MikeMyers1956d ago


1, How much do you think it costs to make The Last Guardian compared to Shadow of the Colosus? How about the next Metroid game for the Wii U compared to the last one on the Wii? How about Beyond Good and Evil 2 to the last one? Do you really think Gran Tursimo 5 cost the same as GT4? You can't be serious.

2. Hard drives. They all should have hard drives since cloud gaming isn't advanced enough to have lag free gaming and download caps are still an issue. This is one area Microsoft cheaped out on with the Xbox 360 so that they could have an affordable option.

3. I would love PC gaming to excel but that isn't where the money is. EA and Valve and to some degree Microsoft don't invest enough to make it the go-to platform. People love PC gaming for the freedom but that also comes with a cost. That cost is there is no set standard, piracy, marketing, competing with console exclusives, and many other factors.

Spookshow1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

So Nintendo should switch to a different console because you want them to release one you can play Gears of War 6 on? Come on! We need diversity, and Nintendo is the one trying to do something fresh and different and so far I'm pretty cool with it, I love my Wii U.

There will be another 2 (perhaps more) consoles this gen to satisfy the tastes of all gamers, even yours.

Army_of_Darkness1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

3rd party support went downhill since the wii, so why is anybody even surprised that they want to bail out from supporting the wiiU??

It's gonna end up like the gamecube and N64, with only nintendo themselves keeping the console alive with they're typical mario,kirby, metroid and zelda games for the next 2-3 years

BitbyDeath1955d ago

Nintendo brought it on themselves by making the tablet standard. It should use a normal controller and then it'd appeal to more people.

clearelite1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

I don't think the situation will be dire enough for them to stop production. Some first party exclusives like pokemon/MH and good marketing would singlehandedly elevate sales. Their decisions will determine if the Wii U sees a meteroic rise like the 3DS.

Personally, I love what nintendo has contributed as well, but I'm not sold on their new system yet. I would pay at most $250 for it IF they managed to rekindle some of the old nintendo magic. For around $350 I could built a decent upgradable gaming PC. Plus, as a gamer I still have some differences I have to reconsile with nintendo.

Amsterdamsters1955d ago

There is nothing at all wrong with the Wii U other than the bias of the media against Nintendo as of late. The least powerful console of each generation has won because other than the graphic whores that frequent sites like these, it the games that really matter, not the specs of the system. The next PS/Xbox is not going to be light years ahead of the Wii U and people will purchase the Wii U for the great Nintendo 1st party offerings.

Now, if Nintendo did as you say and ditch the Wii U right now, they would be done for as a hardware company....just as Sega was after the Sega CD/32X/Saturn debacle.

After less than three months of sales, the Wii U is at about the same sales level as the 360/PS3 were at the one year mark. Give Nintendo time to bring out some great games and things will pick up...and stop being so negative and just enjoy the systems you have now.

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DA_SHREDDER1956d ago

The wiiU will start selling like hot cakes when a price drop happens, then don't forget,they can have any major third party game that's on other consoles cause of easy porting. I personally can't wait to have one

bicfitness1956d ago

This entire article is worthless without knowing WHO the developer is. It could be, and likely is, a PC-exclusive developer speaking with vested interests. Yet, as is often the case with trash journalism only unknown, unsubstantiated sources are quoted.

Next gen consoles will do fine if they're priced $400 and under. Anything more and they will struggle to gain traction.

Ju1955d ago

In that respect I have a hard time to throw the WiiU and the PS3/720 into the same pot. I'd expect a different value proposition from a $400 PS4 than I do from a $400 WiiU.

What happens to Nintendo is not quite a preview what will happen to Sony & MS.

a) I think the WiiU failed to convince gamers who are waiting for the real next gen. It doesn't push the envelope enough
b) Price. $400 is too much for a console you can already get cheaper (PS360).
c) No clear replacement for the Wii and thus does not cater to Nintendo's successful business model expanding into casual gamers
d) Tablet does not have the same impact as Wiggle controls. In fact, I think it is more confusing than anything. It's hard to focus on two devices while playing. It has its benefit in rare occasions, but it feels "forced".
e) Stiff competition from current gen - especially from a price point.

fei-hung1956d ago

Nothing is up in the air other than this dev.

Those who do not know, Sithe Studio make samllerike psn xbl games like Shatter and Gripshift. Sometimes they might get contracted to help out with ongoing or larger projects sh as partnering up with SOE.

The WiiU is not a bad console, but for anyone to expect it will sell as much as the Wii is a long shot. The Wii had the stars and moons align. WHen the recession hit, Ninty offered a cheap family friendly gaming device with innovative controls and games. People who would have never bought a concole went out and bought one. From soccer moms to old age pensioners, everyone had a Wii.

These people who bought the Wii in droves do not need a WiiU. They are not gamers, they are families who are happy with what they have and dont see a point in purchasing something similar.

The core Nintendo fanbase will keep the WiiU alive as they did with the N64 and t Gamecube. The WiiU is not under threat or doomed, it's just stupid journalists and fanboys who reckon it must sell same numbers as the Wii for it to be considered worthy of non Doom related articles.

The WiiU and its performance bares no indications on how the next Sony or MS consoles will perform.

You really think an announcement of a new Gears and Halo game wont set the xbox fans on fire and lining up to buy the next console?

You really think the next GT6, Gow and Uncharted game wont send the Sony fans into a frenzy and lining up to buy the next console?

8 million people bought a PS3 when it hardly had any games at £600 during its launch year. further to the cost of a PS3, you also had the cost of buying expensive HDMI cables (many people I know were ripped of by store clerk) and HD TV's. If the next console is launched at £400, we will not need to invest in expensive HDMI cables or TV's as we already own them (most of us). Further to this, since the online infrastructure already exists for XBOX and SONY, all our content will be transferred meaning we will not be buying an empty shell of a console as e did with this gen.

Nintendo is still building their online infrastructure and still has a lot of problems compared to Sony and MS.

This dev might have an opinion, but I don't believe for a moment that it is a well thought out one. It seems more like a rant about console manufacturers than an informative well thought out opinion.

Dark_Overlord1956d ago

"8 million people bought a PS3 when it hardly had any games at £600 during its launch year."

Don't know where you got yours from, but it was £425 in the shops on launch day :)

Dark_Overlord1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

To the disagreers

Now look under United Kingdom 60GB to see, surprise surprise £425

Or if you don't like wiki then here

or here

I still have my receipt for it too :)

ILive1956d ago

I really need people to stop grabbing their popcorn, for its really irritating.

1955d ago
Psn8001955d ago

I doubt that very much !"

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Starfox171956d ago

I think with the games WiiU has that we know secures a future it's ps4 and 720 that need to worry ??

Mr_cheese1956d ago

i don't think there is any worry for the real next gen consoles. Both sony and Microsoft will do great. The issue with the wii u is that I don't think people will get over how much of a novelty the wii was. Thats my opinion anyway. There was some good games, but overall a lot of people just jumped on the bandwagon because every other family was doing it.

Captain Qwark 91956d ago

agreed. the wii was the first to do motion, it was a fad, it faded, thats the end of that. unfortunately for nintendo it also left a bad taste in most people's mouth and other than thsoe die hard nintendo fans and the few people who actually enjoyed the wii, i dont see many other people wanting it.

i use to buy every console out there but even i was soured by the wii. that said, i do think the wii u is neat and i even think that a the dual screen is the next step in gaming unfortunately everything else on the wii u is so far behind the times that i wont even consider purchasing it until its 150-200.

ill be sticking to my ps4 and next xbox. both day 1 for me

Starfox171956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Yeah because these games

Wonderful 101
Mariokart,i think it will be out this year
X or Xenoblade2
Yoshi's yarn
Project CARS
Gearbox WiiU FPS UE4
Dual gamepad support
NFC Games

Just arn't enough to keep gamers happy ? yeah right,these cancelled games are cancelled untill ps4 and 720 come out,and by that time WiiU will have sold nearly 20 million units as i think there are games that will start to really shift WiiU's,ps4 and 720 will have sold nothing let's see what these selected 3rd party's do then ?

Plus these 3rd party's will have no chance of profiting if they leave out WiiU at that stage because not only will wiiu have a healthy fan base,it will have the best catalogue of games that early in a consoles life in history.

Mr_Writer851956d ago

PS4 and Nextbox need to worry about that?


Starfox171956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Please tell me a list of announced ps4 games then ? all the games from the Direct are out from june this year to june next year thats every game even Zelda so if ps4 hits in dec this year Zelda will be a mere 6 months away ??

I'll reiterate for all u dumb guys the wiiu has new modern tech END OF.

Modified E6760 with Edram is very powerful basically a memory heavy design.

Mr_Writer851956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

The PS4 hasnt been annoucned yet... Why on earth would Sony announce the games before a console?

Sony this gen blew away the compition with new IP's. Infamous, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Journey, Motorstorm and LBP to name just a few. Nintendo wheeled out the same old IP's.

Plus once the Xbox and PS4 are out the WiiU wont be able to keep up with 3rd party games. ATM they are getting ports of old 3rd party games. They will then finally get some decent ones. Before having to get dumbed down version of PS4/nextxbox games much like the Wii did.

The the WiiU will have the same problem as the Wii not enough quality games. They will have their first party games. But that wasn't enough to save the N64 or the Gamecube.

And now the casuals won't be there to make up the numbers. They stepped on the hardcore to get the money of the casuals because their fans alone wouldnt save them. They went to do it again, but this time the causals are not buying into their gimmick.

The WiiU may still do well, but it won't sell more then nextxbox or PS4 and it wont do Wii numbers.


Spiderman 3 PS3

Spiderman Wii

I'll reiterate for all u dumb guys the wiiu has new modern tech END OF.

Modified E6760 with Edram is very powerful basically a memory heavy design.

Errrmmm In English please? Also again you are comparing this to something that hasnt be announced yet. How do you know the Xbox and PS4 wont be more powerful.

Or are you saying that Nintendo are now the leading force in electronic design?

computeSci1956d ago

We don't even know how well the next xbox and next PS platform will sell Mr. Writer :-I Grasping at straws here.

juandren1956d ago

Give it a rest Starfox. Your argument, like the console you support, is just invalid

Mr_Writer851956d ago

He just has buyers guilt. And he is deseprate to convince people he hasn't wasted his money, when he clearly has.

Thats if he has bought a WiiU.

I can't take anyone who buys a casual console seriously, same as I can't take people who think console games should be cheap because iOS apps are 99p.

PopRocks3591956d ago

Man, do you guys take pride in being absolutely pretentious? I don't agree with Starfox's approach of things, but you guys are no better. Don't go insulting anyone who supported (and continues to support) their Wii U purchase. It doesn't help your base, it makes you look immature and foolish.

The matter of what it's worth is completely subjective. Don't act like your opinion on the matter is a factual statement because it simply isn't.

Thatguy-3101956d ago

So Nintendo will sell 17 million consoles by the end of the yr? Haha keep dreaming. Nintendo fans make it seem like everyone goes all out for Nintendo IP. News flash no one cared for them back in the gamecube/n64 days so why now? Last gen Nintendo led the lead not for its ip's but because it catered to the casual. That is gone and the casuals have moved to mobiles/tablets so don't expect them to lead again the next gen race. Like I said it before they are back to the n64/gamecube days. Yea their Ip's do have a large fan base but nothing like COD or GTA.

Athonline1956d ago

Games like LegoCity, WiiFitU may attract sales from casual gamers or even non-gamers. However don't think they will "attract" any actual gamer or even make a PC gamer get it for it's exclusives. WiiU have an interesting lineup, sure, but:
-No way WiiU will sell 20m units until end of the year. The price of the console is too high, people -aka non-gamers- who just want a console will get the cheaper ps3/xbox 360. Console gamers will wait for PS4/nextbox to arrive and be priced.
-NFC is easily added with an accessory to all platforms. No real use of it.
-Dual gamepad support isn't really a game... :P
-3rd party's will leave WiiU out as the same thing with PS3 and multiplats will happen. PS4/Nextbox are -based on rumours- going to be using a similar X86 architecture. Thus porting from one to the other one and from/to a PC will be easier than ever. WiiU architecture is quite different.

Please note I believe WiiU have the specs to output amazing graphics and games, just as a software developer myself I know how developers and project-managers think. They are not going to bother not because they can't, but because it won't "worth" it for them. WiiU have a specific target audience and PS4/Nextbox (if MS stops loosing focus to their original goals) got another. It is all down to business...

ceballos77mx1956d ago

Good list but its only 5 games, the rest are projects and, 20 million I doubt

WooHooAlex1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

I would like to chime in here, on a few of your arguments.

1) That lineup of games is pretty dry to be honest. I even plan on buying a Wii U next year, but I'm quite sure both the new Xbox and PlayStation could have a better launch lineup than the Wii U's entire library when they come out. As soon as they get a 3D Mario, a new Zelda, maybe Metroid - that could change.

2) There is NO WAY the Wii U will have moved 20 million units by the time new consoles from Sony and Microsoft arrive. They sold, what, over 3 million - over their holiday launch. Unless they drop the price significantly, they're not even coming close to that number.

3) What makes you think third parties will shift to the Wii U, just because they'll have more consoles sold for the first few months of the next-gen consoles? There is a reason that the console is losing third-party support right now, because the games are not selling. Look at Assassin's Creed & Call of Duty.

4) Third parties can afford to leave out the Wii U, unfortunetly - because to this point, third-party publishers, for the most part have been burned with game sales on the Wii U. I think we'll see an occasional port here and there, but what will happen when the Wii U won't be able to run big games like Fallout 4, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 ect...

5) Your last point about the Wii U having the best catalog of games ever for a console this early in its cycle. That's arguable, but only because its getting ports of games everyone has already played on their PS3 and Xbox 360 - which going back to what I said before, look at AC3 and CoD...

You don't have to go overboard in defending the Wii U. I'm sure it will be fine, but you should at least try looking at it from a non-fanboy perspective.

1upgamer991956d ago

BOPS2 plays better on Wii U hands down. I traded my PS3 game in for Wii U'S.

Ju1955d ago

^^ I believe you. But for me one game - or the minor benefit - won't justify to get a new console. If you already have one, that's a different story. But I don't want to have yet another console...because I sure will get me another next gen ASAP...and sorry Nintendo...WiiU doesn't fit in there. I am taking a wild guess here and say, I am not the only one thinking that way.

josephayal1956d ago

Wii U has lots of games coming out this year, and this is just the beginning, so i doubt the 720/PS4 will match the Wii U

AJBACK2FRAG1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

and what about the games we don't know about. What's Retro working on. What's the big man, the master, the giant Miyamoto working on? That's the stuff we WiiU owners should be thinking about right now. What's coming down the pike is gonna be incredible. Nintendo's e3 presentation is going to be amazing. The Wii which I love was just the begining not the end. Don't be worried about Nintendo my little sweet hearts. Worry about the companys that currently reside in second and third place. See you in Miiverse kids!

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DigitalSmoke1956d ago

WiiU will fail cause nobody will fall for a console with a short tech life span twice.

PS4 will have yet another 10 years or spectacular run, 3 succesfull times aint luck kids.

AsheXII1956d ago

Another? Because they have been bleeding throughout these past 10.

DigitalSmoke1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

You're reading to much twisted American propaganda articles, and then regurgitate them as if you got an idear on the matter.

They blew every other console out of the water, but yeh, they are bleeding money, money they invested right backinto the scene, to deliver on their promis, the entire industry is rooting for them now, exception to some bought for media sources.

Love it how these dummy's grab to money articles after PS3 is crushing left and right on the matters that...matter, Gameing.

Karpetburnz1956d ago

Sony's gaming division has always been succesfull, Sony was mostly bleeding money from their TV's, The Playstation brand has been a great success.

AJBACK2FRAG1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Uhm sorry calling the PS3 "sucessful" is a bit of a stretch I'm afraid. Difficult and expensive to develop for. Move. Utter failure. Cell processing? uh... Software sales sluggish at best. More like horrifying. The Playstation was almost a Nintendo product. Playstation 2 was obviously a success. I hate to be the bummer but Nintendo's got the eighth generation almost sewn up. Least powerful. Win. Best software. Win. The best and most trusted hard ware in the business (oh crap I forgot they invented this business!Shhhhhh) win again. Negative articles on N4G. Who cares. Bitter Sony fan boys? Not my problem. I personally hope you enjoy your PS4 I really do but the PS3 and the Xbox360 are in a desperate struggle for. that's right last place. Who could've possibly beat the snot out of these two technical marvels? That's right boys and girls two Game Cubes duct taped together. Enjoy the eighth generation of video game gentlemen. I'll see you at the finish line and if Nintendo doesn't win I'll owe you a coke! Over one hundred million sold! Got any more of those Wii jokes boys? (After six years the PS3 is picking up steam. Now that's ironic humor.) jp_footy2 I hope you enjoy motion controls because they are BACK! Lol!

HarryMasonHerpderp1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Nobody knows what will happen with the Wii-U or the PS4 or the next Xbox. The Wii-U is still in it's infancy and Sony and Microsoft's consoles haven't even been announced.
Nobody knows how it's all going to play out.
So saying next gen consoles will fail and the Wii-U is in trouble is ridiculous.