Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Skill Upgrades Trailer

New "Skill Upgrades" trailer showcases some powerful new skills to unlock and master in MGR : ThunderStrike, Falling Lightning, Lightning Strike, Sweep Kick, Sky High, Cercle De L'Ange, Stormbringer, Wake Turbulence & Chant De L'Ange!

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Thantalas1898d ago

The game looks like a lot fun, the graphics are intense, my only concern is that it might be a shallow gaming experience like the coin-op fighting games that you find in old arcades. Not long to find out!

grassyknoll1898d ago

Bayonetta had the deepest combat out in the genre (along with Ninja Gaiden Sigma), think this should definitely mirror that.

SnakeCQC1898d ago

i hope they release on steam in the near future

RE_L_MAYER1898d ago

I hope that damn lamp is woth buying

jeremyj29131897d ago

I wish they would have just given us the damn action figure. Ef a lamp!

RE_L_MAYER1897d ago

Action figure they got in japan is crap, 20th anniversary raiden figure is a work of art but this one doesnt even look like him.........I remember the first original trailers for metal gear solid rising lightning bolt action-oh what a game it could have benn if kojima didnt kick it off to the side

jeremyj29131896d ago

@RE_L_MAYER I actually wasn't all that enthused when I saw the original trailer. Looked too easy with the one hit kills and everything, and you could tell it was using the same MGS engine as 4. Raiden ran just like Snake.

1898d ago
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