Will Next-Gen Games look much Better than Current Generation Games?

Playeressence's Furious Francis discusses his general confusion of what to expect graphically from the Xbox 720 and PS4.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1769d ago

You will see Feb 20th and all this next gen want be as big of a leap as last gen crap will end.

IAMERROR1769d ago

I don't care much about graphics, I'm excited about games being bigger in scope.

Hanso1769d ago

yeah me too current grafics looks fine too me

Gamer19821769d ago

Thats the thing we have been lacking. Graphics aren't the main thing. You want graphics? Get a PC! The thing about these new consoles is finally open world games are gonna be more in depth and amazing than ever.

More real
Sheer vastness in size
Realistic pedestrian AI

We will no longer have to put up with small islands and loading times every time you enter a room. Although some devs will have to because of game types obviously.
Consoles have also held PC back in this department but look at MMOS for a perfect example of what you can do. Look at the size of a world in say WoW or Guild Wars2. The reason they never made it to PS3 or 360 is the 512mb RAM for a start.
We are finally going to see more realistic worlds not in terms of graphics but size and realism.

RememberThe3571768d ago

If they're going to charge me more for a new console then the graphics better be a lot better. Otherwise there is no point in upgrading.

Tapioca Cold1768d ago

You guys always go on about how graphics aren't important. get a life. Why doe shtere have to be a choice, either good graphics or good gameplay? Why not both?

A great game has all of the above. A don't give me the Angry Birds argument or other crap. Great graphics enhances immersion just as much as gameplay.

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Saigon1769d ago

I have to disagree with you only because right now graphics are not whats important its about the physics of a game. Grant it, these new systems that come out will be a little better than their sibling but I believe game devs need to focus on the physics/AI/Functions of games. I hope this generation will solve this problem.

DA_SHREDDER1769d ago

not just physcis and AI, but also frame rate issues. Motion blur could never make up for a solid 60fps.

Arksine1769d ago

In time there will be some noticeable improvements. Better AA, higher frame rate, higher resolution, more geometry, better textures, better shader effects, and better physics will all lead to more impressive visuals and bigger worlds.

Initially the games may not "look better" as much as they "play better". I suspect 3 or 4 years down the line next generation games will visually separate themselves from the current generation.

cannon88001768d ago

Whether you guys like it or not, graphics will always be the main selling point for any console. Exclusives might be on par though.

deSSy27241768d ago

Big leap? well, just buy a PC, mutliplatforms games are looking better on PC and games are cheaper than console versions. If you really want to know what power is: BUY A PC, over and out.

Im not trying to bash PS4/720 but cmon, you obiviously dont care about graphics that much if you are owning the same system 5-7 years, you own it BECAUSE OF GAMES, not hardware.

Last... yes, yes, i know the PS4 and 720 are going to have a relatively big leap compared to PS3/360 but i dont think the leap will be better than 6th gen vs 7th gen, dont get me wrong, it will be big but not that much and if you want even a bigger leap, get a PC, easy.

Sony needs games in the first place, they shouldnt do the same mistake like Wii U.... ok ok Nintendo fans, im not trying to bash it but cmon, thats the reality, Nintendo needs to announce more games, over and out.

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DigitalSmoke1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Listen son, it doesn't take raw power alone to make a game look good, just look at 99.9 % of the PC games that came out, not 1 moved sounded and played like Uncharted, GT5, KZ.
So packing a MoNsTeR PC isn't going to get that...

It take's a cool art design, attention and time, something a prime exclusive developer will put into a game.

Perjoss1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

First paragraph...
I cant tell if you're serious.

Second paragraph...
Thats true, there ate wii games that look fantasic, Okami on the ps2 is another example of a good looking game that is not on bleeding edge tech.

superterabyte1768d ago

@Perjoss name one game that has better art style than either killzone or uncharted on pc?

superterabyte1768d ago

@Perjoss Disagree all you like doesn't make my point any less valid until you answer it

Son_Lee1769d ago

Nope. It'll allow for developers to make better engines. It's all about lifelike AI, better level design, more fluid animations, etc.

Shok1769d ago

DRAMATICALLY better? I say no. Noticeably? Yes.

Mr_cheese1769d ago

a reasonable answer, bubble for you

deSSy27241768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I can agree... maybe not like 6th vs 7th gen but i think the leap between 7th and 8th gen will be still good enough :)

BTW bubble from me too....

NintyJazz1768d ago

You need to make another video!

akaakaaka1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

lol "no"?
unreal, FF next gen engines say hi!!! they look and have far ahead teach to any engines from current gen.
and those are just two and i bet not the best looking engines that there will be and are only first gen of next gen engines tech..