GamesAsylum: Aliens: Colonial Marines - Review

GamesAsylum reviews Sega's frequently delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines. Worth the wait or another bug hunt?

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GadgetGooch1901d ago ShowReplies(8)
Myst1900d ago

Apparently the end of the review has a spoiler in it ( glad I skipped down to the comments on the page after a bit ). So if anyone cares about the game plot be weary.

NonShinyGoose1900d ago

Several key moments from the plot were left out of the review to prevent the storyline being spoilt. There's a rough summary of what the last mission entails but it doesn't go into great discription and the ending isn't revealed.

Myst1900d ago

Ah gotcha those darn comments then *shakes fist*

GadgetGooch1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Regardless that the review did not reveal the ending he still pretty skimmed through the game in the article and detailed the last mission which i think is wrong as i want all the surprises and experiences to be my own no matter how small, Would you write a review like that? There's much better ways of writing reviews that completely sum up a game without revealing any details of latter game content or even twists and turns....As i did not want to know that halfway through the game you were left stranded in a sewer without any weapons and had to sneak past a colony of blind Xenomorphs (Sorry for the spoiler but apparently it's OK to add these), Something like that i would have loved to been thrust upon me without prior knowledge of it happening....

Robotronfiend1900d ago

It should be left up to the prospective buyer to determine what a spoiler is for that game, not a random reviewer or commenter.

To some people, any story details are spoilers.

paybackprahl1900d ago

Disagree. The review flat out declares in no vague terms what the ending is.

Gaming1011900d ago

Who cares what the ending is, the game is a glichy, unpolished turd.
License game that's been delayed several times - who coulda figured it would be bad...
This one filed under "duh"

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maximus19851900d ago

thanks for the warning, i hate reading a review only to have surprises spoiled

1900d ago
Psn8001900d ago

I do that I just want the score , I don't want to know the plot it spoils the game .

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AusRogo1900d ago

Honestly, im enjoying this game but god dammit Gearbox.. ive been disappointed too much this gen. If I wasnt a huge Aliens fan I wouldnt have got it. If you're not a fan of Aliens then dont bother. Thankfully I do enjoy it though. Do not disappoint with Brothers in Arms. PLEASE.

GadgetGooch1900d ago

What do you find bad with the game?

Kurt Russell1900d ago

A bit more details on your likes/dislikes would be good. I'm a huge fan of Alien/Aliens... but with these reviews coming out I haven't parted cash due to the fact the game looks like it's going to be another f'ing disappointment.

joab7771900d ago

I had a feeling it would resemble in quality another game that was in production for along time. It needs no mention but i just knew it would be more in the vein of a steroid freak then the amazing borderlands. Oh well, i am so far behind so i am glad i can just skip this one.

NonShinyGoose1900d ago

Yes, some of the mission of objectives are revealed in the review. However, plenty aren't. Several key plot details and twists have been left out to prevent the game being ruined.

The sewer mission was featured in the review to cover the fact that's a degree of variety. It's also the only time that the game feels atomspheric, hence why it was mentioned.

Go out and buy the game and play it. Then come back and read the review again. I think you will find that very little has been spoilt at all.

modesign1900d ago

heres a spoiler, your either going to kill the aliens at the end or your not, depends on if there is a sequel. hate to be captain buzzkill, the same reason halo had 7 rings and you had to blow them up one at a time.

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