UK Charts: Dead Space 3 Enters in the Top Spot

GodisaGeek: "With EA’s behemoth marketing budget, it’s no shock that Dead Space 3 slips straight into the top spot, forcing Ni No Kuni out, as it drops to 6th. DmC drops further still, to 25th place, while the rest of the charts look like a who’s who of big budget triple-A games."

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miyamoto1929d ago

Ni No Kuni hangin' on there

lol at DmC

down there in the abyss

GodisaGeek1929d ago

There were stock problems with Ni No Kuni too, so maybe it'll go back up next week.

fermcr1929d ago

Individual charts if anybody is interested...

fei-hung1929d ago

Gran Turismo and Hitman trilogy are outselling DmC :s

Good to see NiNoKuni doing well. Hopefully this game will get a sequel for all the JRPG fans out there. I understand this gen has been pretty hard on them with very little in the genre.

Cant wait for MGR:R and Dead Space 3 when it is a little cheaper. I feel skint from all the games I have pre-ordered :(