10 Things You Need to Know About Aliens: Colonial Marines

With Aliens now well and truly on sale, it warrants a closer look at Gearbox's attempt at recreating the magic of the Aliens universe.

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Tokyo_reject1838d ago

I dont need to know SH1T!!!!! THIS GAME IS SIIIIICK!!!!
Played it at PAX Prime.....then got back in line for a 2nd round cause it was so fun!!!!

maximus19851838d ago

Thaaaaaank you!!! someone whos not on the hate train for this game. YES!

thezeldadoth1838d ago

i have a feeling people are gonna hate on this game because its not action oriented enough and not easy enough for them to get all manly. same thing happened for Zombie U for most people.

Looks awesome to me.

Perjoss1838d ago

"10 things"

I just need to know 1 thing man, where, they, are...

maximus19851838d ago

lol "i hope your right....i really do"

Perjoss1838d ago

well if all else fails...

"I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, It's the only way to be sure."

Dazel1838d ago

They missed the most important fact out.

It's a turkey getting reviews of 4-5/10 so far.

stubee341838d ago

Ten things? I can tell you one... it SUCKS DONKEY C0CK.

stubee341838d ago

And yes i have played it,finished it this morning for ps3 (UK)

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