Andy from Plus XP writes "*Warning: Monster article imminent

Hideo Kojima is a living, breathing genius. He is the pioneer of taking film-making and video games and working them in tandem to create an interactive and engaging experience. If you do not know who he is then I’m absolutely flabbergasted beyond any form of rationale. So I’ll briefly try to fill you in: He’s the creator and lead director for the Zone of the Enders series which is about a robot that fights colonies in space and attains upgrades to become a super duper robot! No doubt you’re thinking I’ve described it rather adolescently and it seems unappealing. However, after playing the 2 games briefly I knew it was a rather good game series."

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Mr_cheese1711d ago

The original MGS is one of the best games ever created. It has so much going for it, very iconic.

ANIALATOR1361711d ago

I agree. I prefer Snake in MGS1 because of his overall more pessimistic arrogant attitude

Irishguy951709d ago

Agree with both of you. MGS1 is amazing. My favorite is MGS3, then 1.