Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Total Play Time And More Stats Revealed

Warning : Spoilers!

Recently, there is a post from gamefaqs revealed the final stats of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. From the post's link, it is interesting to see the total play time and other stats of the final game. Here's the picture of the final stats but we've masked out the stats:

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derkasan1867d ago

It's about the same as Vanquish. A little disappointing, but it's all about quality over quantity.

-Ikon-1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

This counts time like Vanquish it restarts the timer if you die at a check point and doesn't include cut scenes.

Perfect length what I expected.. Like most P* games will have a ton of replay value with all those weapons, no kill weapon run, Gray Fox, VR missions, plus 30 extra coming, Revengance mode and other stuff..

Haters going to hate I'm going to enjoy the best game in its genre since Bayonetta!!

Hanso1867d ago

"Haters going to hate I'm going to enjoy the best game in its genre since Bayonetta!!"

Time for Jack to let it rip!

paydayp1867d ago

i agree vanquish was getting hated for its lenght.
but that game was made perfect for multiple playthroughs on harder difficulty.
i got easy 60 hours out of it.
i loved it same with bayonetta great game

-Ikon-1867d ago

Exactly plus who doesnt want to be the first with zero alert play through.. Or at least lowest possible thats worth a play through in its self

showtimefolks1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

As long as its as good as vanquish but better much better story wise since Kojima productions are doing the story.

I see this game not selling well because 5 and half hrs for a full $60 game isn't gonna sit well with a lot of peopl. With the way 2013 is stacked up with great games MGR really has to do everything right to justify the full price tag

It's still a day one for me since I don't want to miss a Kojima story


So true, but watch many reviewers will complain about the short length even if it's high quality. Old school games were $50 for like 1-2 hrs game.

Now. Days each game has to provide skyrim type content.

I don't know at there's but me personally with job,family and a other things I rather play a 8-10 hrs game than 50-60. I use to love the long games but now with so little time if I start a LNG game it may take me a month or even 2 to finish it so for me MGR seems right at home

Also this time was n normal and this person might have skipped over the cutscenes which I plan to watch

wheresmymonkey1867d ago

That's just for the main campaign. The VR missions pretty much double the length of the game and you have to unlock them ingame by finding them as well.

Also there's a n achievement thats going to be an utter bugger. revengence mode (hardest difficulty) with s ranks on every level.

TreMillz1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

its obvious the dude rushed through the game he has like 85 alerts and died 56 times..... that and his combat skills are wack all rank C cept one rank B

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LOGICWINS1867d ago

And to think, I was planning on getting this Day 1. Oh well, bargain bin it is. If I'm paying $60 for a game, I want quality AND quantity. Don't know what Platinum Games' deal is in regards to meager game length.

jetlian1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

go play streets of rage back in the 90s. It was 50 bucks and 30 mins long. Gamers today are getting way to critical on game length.

Most games of this type lose their appeal if they are much longer than this.

we don't know what level of difficulty it was on and the time could be based on save point timing! who ever was play continued 59 times! all that happen in that time probably wasn't added to total time

Edit: who disagree hmmm? I bet if you played this game with old school rules people couldn't even beat it.Old school rules 3 lives 3 continues gain new life after 100 kills. Thats how it use to be.

Now you can save anywhere and often and die as much as you want. Journalist complain when they lose 30 mins of gameplay due to save points being to far apart.

Gaming is dying I swear

TheBlackSmoke1867d ago

"go play streets of rage back in the 90s. It was 50 bucks and 30 mins long. Gamers today are getting way to critical on game length"

Err yeah 20 years ago that was the standard length for pretty much all games, It really wasn't tecnologically phaesable to have epically long 10 hour plus games without reusing the same assets over and over. plus you had manufacturing costs of chipboards and cartridge cases. Its such a poor argument, times,technology and expectations have changed so dont make excuses for short games.

Personally I understand that hack and slash are designed to be played over and over but that doesn't make someones opinion of 6 hours for 60 bucks invalid. People consume games in different ways and a LOT of people simply wish to play through once then move on.

jetlian1867d ago

oh really? so 30 mins and 50 buck and 5.5 hours and 60 bucks shouldnt be? Thats 11 times the content vs a 20 percent cost increase.

You think all games were 30 mins long? Maybe in this genre but what about donkey kong or pacman? those games which where simple had 5-6 hours if you were good enough.

My point is the cost to game time ratio has gone up more than price. If your only gonna play it once you should just rent the game. That should be for all games if thats how you play

yami9301867d ago

But quantity is not determined through one playthrough, you dont know how the person played the game (if they skipped cutscenes or not and / or skipped all codec conversations or not), if they just ran through it as quick as they can the time it took to complete the story will obviously be less and if he didnt it would be higher. I feel Platinum has definietly put in a lot of replayability with the different difficulties levels, playing through it all action or all stealth (everywhere a stealth approach is possible) or an all non-lethal run, there are a lot of VR missions, the trophies, for me playing with the Gray Fox skin and blade is another playthrough, there are probably / hopefully a good amount of unlockables and more content in the game we probably do not know about yet and there is DLC stories and VR missions and more coming soon as well.

rezzah1867d ago

Maybe they played it on easy mode and or rushed to get the game done asap.

If you agree with the quantity of the game's length (prior to playing it), then you claim to have the same play style/circumstances of the reviewer.

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Hanso1867d ago

nothing new if you skip cutscenes in MGS games they have the same lenght
and Vanquish was maybe short but it was my GotY pure gaming bliss
cant wait for rising
normal run hard run revengeance run + VR Missions + Trophies
=atleast 40 hours

rezzah1867d ago

My first play-through I played on hard mode and spent 8-11 hours in total.

This surprised me as many said Vanquish was a 4 hour game.

Kevlar0091867d ago

Speaking of game length to quality, RE4 was perfect for me in both regards. To this day it takes me 15-20 hours to beat it (after beating it at least 7-8 times already), yet I still enjoy it without feeling like I waste too much time, without the game becoming stale. Good balance of action to strategy, and I still get freaked out by the sewers and Regenerators

Hopefully MGR:R has a good amount of quality relative to quantity. I have high hopes for this developer

PhantomTommy1867d ago

Resident Evil 4 is the closest that video games have come to absolute perfection! Also, I can't bloody wait for this game.

oriononer1867d ago

I would like to be playing this game right now. Yep, that sure would be about the best. Ahem, I said it would be pretty awesome to play this right about now...dangit, it never works. Sigh...back to waiting.

This game could be five hours long and I would still buy it day one. I've played the demo for hours by now. Maybe it's just me, but I can't get enough of it and it's such a small slice of the total. I think it's going to be all out mayhem the whole time, ala Vanquish and will be filled with content. Quality moment to moment over drawn out length.

I can't freakin wait.

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