These Are 7 Most Wanted PS VITA Games of 2013

Sony launched Playstation VITA with much funfare which was very well supported by handheld's launch-line. But things took an ugly turn after few months and PS VITA struggled through most of 2012

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Darth Stewie1475d ago

Great list. Anybody else want GTA San Andreas Stories on the Vita.

FlyingFoxy1475d ago

San Andreas is the best, especially multiplayer with 50-100 players on PC.

Hope R* won't screw up the multi on V like they did with IV.

imXify1474d ago

They have servers with 1000 players now, it's crazy fun :P

Donnieboi1474d ago

Is that a mod? When did gta 4 have THAT many people playing in a single match?

Hanso1475d ago

fail list no Ys Memories of Celceta
but out of those 7 games im getting 5 :D

andibandit1475d ago

Nothing in there for RPG fans(i cant stand JRPGS). Maybe Soul Sacrifice will catch my attention but being a "Action" RPG, i doubt it.

porkChop1474d ago

Just because there's nothing for you doesn't there's nothing for RPG fans as a whole. You don't speak for all of us, so don't act like you do.

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miyamoto1475d ago


Doragonsu Kuraon!!!!?

Can't come soon enough, Atlus!

Hayaku! Hayaku!

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The story is too old to be commented.