Capsule Computers Lame of the Year Awards 2012

"Hello everyone and welcome our first ever annual Lame of the Year awards in gaming. This year was a pretty lame year in gaming with a whole bunch of miss-haps, bad releases, bugs, poor planning and even more. So us here at Capsule Computers have compiled a small list of all the Lamest of the Lame and have created an award just for them. These awards are what will be known from now and to henceforth as: Lame of the Year." - Capsule Computers

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militissanctus1925d ago

Bahahaha. These are classic! Game of the Year articles are fun to read, but this stuff was a blast.

LinkageAX1924d ago

I'd really love to see more lists like these!

masterabbott1924d ago

Some pretty lame things happened in 2012, lol the Kitten PR stunt is a perfect example!

andibandit1924d ago

Cant even read it because of a massive Dead Space 3 Add, covering the text.

LinkageAX1924d ago

Looks fine on mine, which browser you using?

insomnium21924d ago

A new PS3 was released to save manufacturing costs. What is lame about that exactly?

masterabbott1924d ago

whats with the Nicolas Cage? is he the host ?

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