Metal Gear Solid - Year of the Snake

Happy Chinese New Year, all MGS fans! To celebrate the "Year of the Snake" this year, we got the legendary MGS preview trailer here! Let's time travel back to 1996 together...

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Kanzes1957d ago

It's the year of black water snake, so it's Liquid Snake's year :D

izumo_lee1957d ago

Wow that nostalgic feeling when watching this video, even though the game turned out differently than what Konami envisioned the premise & quality of the game remained.

A true classic in every sense of the word.

Since it is the year of the Snake, maybe Konami & Kojima announces the launch date for Ground Zeroes?

ANIALATOR1361956d ago

the main theme, I miss it so much. Still an absolute classic game and should never be forgotten