What Sony Should Do For The PS4 To Win...

We're heading into an exciting time in the video game world with new hardware on the horizon. Nintendo was first out of the gate in November with the Wii U and it rumors are starting to heat up on what Microsoft and Sony has in store later this year. Given then usual lifespan for systems, now's the time that we usually see big announcements from companies and given how Sony has a big reveal coming on the 20th, it only adds more fuel.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1767d ago

I agree with everything in the article. Great read.

1767d ago
potedude1767d ago

Releasing all of the 1st party titles once a year? Just like CoD eh? Why? Just to make money? Wait until the game is awesome and then release it.

Does he not think the interface will be revamped? Of course it will.

Party chat? Over rated I think but with at least 4gig of ram (and hopefully 8) then it will be a no-brainer that this will be included.

Your graphics comment doesn't make sense. is this a point or are you saying the graphics will be good?

We all know the problems that an expensive console has to begin with (just look at the PS3). But it will cost what it costs, so many people have no problems with paying $600 for an iPhone but balk at paying less for a way more awesome machine.

Good job on your dodgy article writing...

tictac2611767d ago

So you report y,because you dont like loser fanboy. Dude you are a disgrace. Hope PS4 comes out with some good info on the 20th

1767d ago