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Three Months After It Launched, the Wii U is Irrelevant to Sports Gaming

Kotaku- For sports gaming, the Wii U wasn't looking much better than its predecessor even a month after release, and there are no signs the console is going to be a full partner anytime soon. The signals sent by sports' dominant publisher indicate it just has no interest in building for the console.

It's not just that the Wii U was left off the official announcement of Madden NFL 25. The bigger signal is that Tiger Woods PGA Tour will not have a presence on the platform when its next edition releases at the end of March. (Wii U)

Dylila  +   774d ago
Three months after it launched, the wii u is irrelivant to gaming should actually be the headline going by the sales and non-interests by gamers who arent nintendo fanboys.

every week i read two or so reports about game development studios dropping support or cancelling games for wii u. instead of talking about making games for wii u dev studios are talking about cancelling games or avoiding the wii u is a sign that the system is done for. wii fanboys can deny and deny all they want but the abysmal sales and lack of games are telling. its all nintendos fault along with the sheep nintendo fanboys that accepted lackluster systems and games where anyone who isnt a nintendo fanboy doesnt show interest.
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Phil32  +   774d ago
I can taste your rage towards Nintendo and its fans.

Yours is one of the most pathetic and bitter posts I've ever seen on this site. Such anger over video games. So freaking pitiful. XD
PopRocks359  +   774d ago
Yeah, I can see how a console made by one of the oldest game companies in history that sold over 3 million units and having done so faster than the PS3 and 360 in the same span of time is irrelevant to the industry. /s

EDIT: Why other users here indulge an immature troll like yourself is beyond me. But then this is N4G. I've all but lost all faith for this godforsaken community.
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Starfox17  +   774d ago
WiiU isn't doomed in fact all i see is a few 3rd partys and publishers trying their best so that it becomes another wii situation only this time it's because Nintendo's console can keep up graphically with ps4 ect,so that's where the boycott comes in Sony and Microsoft are prob telling 3rd partys to shunt the wiiu to give their consoles a chance.But Gearbox isn't waiting by the sound of it rumoured to be working on a nextgen UE4 WiiU FPS game also in dev for other unannounced consoles ?

So obviously Gearbox are not getting involved in the boycott,their going to at least put a few Real NEXTGEN games on the wiiu before writing it off,so will Capcom,Konami,SquareEnix,Activ i sion,ect.

Game UK website has every game from that Direct listed as out 2013.
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bicfitness  +   774d ago
Mmkay. First off, both PS3 and 360 were supply constrained; Google can confirm that in like 10 seconds. Think even the Wii was, now that I'm looking back. Still, three million units (shipped, like all the other manufacturers) is decent, but demand appears to have dropped off a cliff since then and software sales are just as bad. Nintendo themselves slashed their profit outlook by a billion dollars and their hardware expectations by 20%. Developer support is faltering too. So its not as if journalists are inventing issues that don't exist. Exacerbating and exploiting them sure, but the Wii U certainly isn't turning out to be the runaway hit that the Wii was - or that Nintendo expected it to be.

And Starfox, if you think that all those games are coming out in 2013, you are sadly mistaken. Retailers list placehoders all the time. I preordered Last Guardian over 2 years ago for a "Fall 2012" release date. Those dates mean nothing unless the publishers announce it themselves. Also, expecting the Wii U to keep up with next gen consoles (PS4 + 720) when we've seen the Wii U teardown in full now and its barely as capable as last gen machines (GPU better, CPU, RAM and bandwidth all worse), is delusional. It will be the same divide that we saw between the Wii and the PS360, only it will be 720p (there is not a single 1080p native Wii U game as far as I know, please correct me if I'm wrong) vs 1080p. So not as noticeable, until you get into stuff like physcics, raw polygon count and textures, at which point it will be night and day. I guarantee you that the majority the PS4/ 720 projects soon to be announced will NOT be multiplatform on the Wii U. EA, Ubi and Activision have all essentially confirmed this in conference calls. You should prepare yourself for this reality now.

I find it funny when one fanboy calls for moderation from fanboys of the other camp. Some level headed thinking would do everyone some good around here.

Nintendo aren't in an ideal situation. Its not dire, but it looks to be a repeat of their trend of poor third party support with enough 1st party IPs dribbled out to appease their dedicated fanbase.
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RTheRebel  +   774d ago
noticed your troll accounts only on bad news not good news?
Starfox17  +   773d ago
Yes because to have X,Beyonetta,MonsterHunter,Lego City,Wonderful 101,is terrible support ?? get a grip LegoCity is impressive and easily the best exclusive to come on any console GTA lego come on,if they said were making an open world lego game like GTA for ps4 exclusive Sony fans on here would be gushing.

And these are all exclusive and we havn't even had that 3rd party Direct yet ?
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Hanso  +   774d ago
agree by the time the ps4 will be out nobody will care for WIIU anymore except Nintendo fans
Starfox17  +   773d ago
WiiU by the time ps4 hits will have.

Dual Gamepad support.
NFC games.
Blazing fast OS planned for summer.

Windwaker HD
X or Xenoblade2
Project cars
Wonderful 101
3D Mario
Yoshi's yarn

There's 10 games that will definitely be out before ps4 releases and with lots more to come Iwata said big games not announced to be released year end ?

Games that will be shown at E3 but wont be out until 2014.

Zelda Adventure WiiU
Smash Bros Universe
Retro Studio's projects
Metroid Nextgen
Gearbox Nextgen FPS as WiiU is the only platform announced so far
Concept GP.Rumored

Going off all this info we already know it's clear to see the ps4 and 720 have a steep hill to climb.
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a_adji  +   774d ago
Why are you talking like this is personal? We are not going to war.

Are you an American pumped full of sugar?

Calm down tiger it's just a console.
WooHooAlex  +   774d ago
Its not off to a hot start, that's for sure. But if we've learned anything from Nintendo last generation, its that we should never count them out.

If they can get the price down to around $250, sales could pick up if the PS4 and new Xbox are a little pricey at launch. Granted, I don't see that happening this time around, but its very possible. I still think the lifetime sales of the Wii U will be respectable, simply because it will ALWAYS be the cheaper alternative to the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. I plan on buying one just to play a new 3D Mario.

PS4/Wii U combo will be perfect for me.
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MNGamer-N  +   773d ago
^ exactly. I like Nintendo, I will always have Nintendo system. I will also be looking to purchase PS4. Why can't I have and enjoy both? System bashing fanboys are so lame I can barely take it anymore.
Realplaya  +   773d ago
You know everything you read on the internet is true right?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   774d ago
No GOLF!?!?
What am I ever going to play on my WiiU!? The only reason I want a WiiU is to play Golf- Same with Wii---
and I love Sports!

Tiger Woods: Skyward Club
Madden Prime Trilogy!
NHL: Blades of Red Steel 2!
NBA: Fire Emblem!
SSB Wrestling 2008

Boo Nintendo...
...I think?
DigitalSmoke  +   774d ago
Wii U will flop hard, i said it from day 1.
They might make a few bucks, but the console is an absolute aftertought to core gamers, and no i dont mean Kinect buyers...
Theyellowflash30  +   774d ago
Lets see if your saying that after Smash Bros and Zelda come out. ill bet on nintendo, they've been in business longer than you have been alive
DigitalSmoke  +   773d ago
Nintendo was founded in 1889, dummy.

Smash Bro's nor a un-evolved Zelda is going to make the uninspireing hardware come to life, the Wii mote was a brilliant move, but this tabled with sticks linked to last gen hardware will only tickle the uninformed, for a short wile that is untill it starts collecting dust.
Theyellowflash30  +   773d ago
We'll see about that.
a_adji  +   774d ago
EA are the only ones that's trying down Nintendo because they said no to origins so screw them for messing up a cash revenue stream. It's business not personal.

I think what people fail to remember is that the system came out after all major releases so the majority already have it.

Nintendo can sell a machine with just their games on it and they will do fine.
ShaunCameron  +   773d ago
EA trying to down Nintendo is nothing new. They still haven't gotten over 1985.
Theyellowflash30  +   774d ago
Nice Wii U troll article Kotaku.
wiiulee  +   774d ago
lol since when was 3 months a time by which you judge if a system had a measure of games to claim if they were king of sports, rpg or a system even dedicated to such...get a life...what retarded article from a blind hater...wow...lol
Realplaya  +   773d ago
People don't realize that Nintendo has survived these years by pushing enough systems so it's games will make money.Yeah it sounds crazy but they haven't survived this long from support from companies such as ea sports. I remember EA wouldn't put games on nintendo systems I think we got a bad port of madden football during the super nes days.
chronoforce  +   773d ago
For any nintendo fan who believes when Mario et al release all will be fine YOU ARE CRAZY, those games are definitely going to push some systems but those who will only buy it for them, 3rd parties can't sell games to peeps who only brought the console cause they saw some new Mario and zelda games. Meanwhile nintendo makes tons of money and 3rd parties struggle. Developers should also not expect their dudebro games to sell on a platform that has very little interest in them and perhaps try something new,still nintendo fans need open their eyes and realize Mario ain't the answer

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