Durango 'Xbox 720' Dev Kit crops up on eBay once again.

Quite a few months back, we made an article which gave details on a supposed sale of a Durango alpha tower. The seller, known as DaE, put the alpha tower up on eBay.

But after some time, DaE has put another tower back up on eBay yet again. Listing some of the details of the specs - with the message on his twitter "Last chance to own a piece of next-gen gaming history!"

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sithsylar1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

for anyone wanting the link:

SilentNegotiator1649d ago

No one with a dev kit at this time is going to sell it on eBay. The big developers have them.

newsposter1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Well clearly you are wrong because this guy is now selling a 2nd unit and has posted photo of the unit do a quick google search.

1649d ago
hotrider121649d ago

Apparently this guy must work/or have contacts with Microsoft Console engineers to have this ALPHA tower durango version in the first place.
some sucker on ebay bought it for 20,100.00
i can use 20,000.00 about now.

Starbucks_Fan1649d ago

The seller and bidders are probably working together for attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.