Why Hasn't This Happened Yet? attempts to figure out why Nintendo hasn't released a hard-drive add-on for their best-selling Wii console, and gets a little worked up while doing so.

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Slayer OP3944d ago

The wii cant handle a HDD due to its inferior hardware.

InMyOpinion3944d ago

You don't know much about hardware, do you?

BrotherNick3943d ago

hehe, he's reveling in your anger :O

Fux4Bux3944d ago

I think the Gamecube era hardware selling for $250 would be sign enough that Nintendo doesn't give a damn about giving consumers value or modern features.

akaFullMetal3944d ago

I can see how the wii could at most cost 150, but why does this old technology, that has been around for 7 years cost 250??? The remotes?!?!?! I hardly doubt that, good they are asking way to much money for something that they can produce so cheaply for themselves. Also on that point, why cant they make enough???

BrotherNick3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Value is 400 to 600 dollars when the other systems came out in fall 06... It may be value to many hardcore gamers but it's not for the casual crowd.

SlyGuy3944d ago

...if I used to play it.

(the wii is more of a party activity at my house)

Danja3944d ago

The average Wii owner won't even use up half of the Wii's internal memory..cuz they don't buy alot of games other than..the crappy 1st party games...and GH3...

BrotherNick3943d ago

You forgot to add 1.5 million virtual console game downloads to what the internal memory is holding. (6th paragraph under title)

season0073944d ago

the only reason i am not selling it yet is because of the Wii Mario Kart..

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The story is too old to be commented.