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Wii U Walking Dead scrapped in Australia

Activision has confirmed that the Wii U version of upcoming title The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will not be headed to Australia, despite the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions hitting local shelves. (PS3, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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first1NFANTRY  +   717d ago
The Wii U really isn't doing too well lately.
ickybodgoombasharl   717d ago | Spam
classic200  +   717d ago
Crappy game on a poor selling system is a bad idea.
zillanoir  +   717d ago
doing quite fine has less devs jumping ship than ps3s launch plus dev talking crap about ontop of shitty ports.gabe newell said sony should scrap it and apologize... so wii u is fine. people nowadays have no memorys even with the internet. also, they expect consoles to sell like smartphones les we forget the two strongest launch sales are from wii and wiiu
Blastoise  +   717d ago
I'm sure Wii U owners wont be missing out on much...
LOL_WUT  +   717d ago
I'm sure they would be with Nintendo's drought of games plaguing the Wii U I would say they are.
gpturbo81  +   717d ago
dunno wtf your talkin about. i have yet to run out of games to play since launch and there is at least another 3 to snag
BanBrother  +   717d ago

No, they are. The are missing out on possibly the biggest fail game in years.
Trunkz Jr  +   717d ago
Who gives a crap, the game looks like rubbish to begin with, I was excited when I saw the first trailer, then when I saw the gameplay I died a little inside, ah well there's always DayZ Standalone (PC) to look forward to. Can't wait for Activision to fail with this game, they don't deserve the license to Walking Dead.
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ickybodgoombasharl   717d ago | Spam
jaymart2k  +   717d ago
I feel bad Xbox 360 & PS3 owners get the option to play this crap.
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Trunkz Jr  +   717d ago
Funny to see the disagree's, have people even seen the gameplay?


It looks horrible! The animations are grose, then zombies look worse then the WarZ, nothing about this speaks of walking dead, they are better off using an engine that allows you to be much more stealthy, then allow Co-op with friends to survive, stupid Activision think they know zombies cause of the CoD zombies...

They are doing the same thing WarZ did only it feels like they took an old CoD map and added zombies around it... This game is going to blow chunks with bad reviews but sell well just because of the name "Walking Dead".
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juandren  +   717d ago
Looks like it runs on a beta version of the original Source engine. Reminds me of Dust 2 on CS:Source
Qrphe  +   717d ago
I agree, from a gamer's perspective, not much of a loss here.
r21  +   717d ago
I had to
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   717d ago

No, Undead in the Land Down Under...
"Where the women glow and men plunder
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder
You better run, you better take cover."
Bathyj  +   717d ago
Ah, I just commented on the Kiwi article asking where the Aussie version was.
Thats good news.

ah crap, this is the FPS isnt it? I was after the point and click. Boy is my face red.
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TBD  +   717d ago
Point and click is still on its way, I believe. All happily rated MA15+, but no dates from Telltale as yet.
AO1JMM  +   717d ago
Game looked like shit anyway.
Realplaya  +   717d ago
I saw the trailer and I wish I was in australia. Yep it's that bad
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   717d ago
I disagree but that was "Funny".
juandren  +   717d ago
I think you are all missing the bigger picture - Activision is actuallu making a NEW game! Whaaaaat?????? God I hate what that company has done to gaming recently (note how I say recently before flaming me). I dream of a world without them sometimes. Imagine what EA would have been if they weren't constantly trying to COD-up all their games to compete with Activision
Bathyj  +   717d ago
Its probably just Call of Duty with zombies.

Oh wait...
strigoi814  +   717d ago
dont worry wii u owners this game isnt worth the money anyway
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   717d ago
It's cool at least it isn't cancelled altogether, just in Australia.
Not like their pulling a bad-Ubisoft on Nintendo.
Adolph Fitler  +   717d ago
"It takes more than an explosive launch to make a long-term system, and Wii U has gone from an explosive launch to a crawl"

Wii-U hardly had an explosive launch my friend.....I mean, another 2D Mario that was rushed & barely looked any better than a 3DS version , along with a bunch of multiplats that in many cases had been on the other 2 systems for up to 1yr, or at least months. I mean, Batman:AC for instance had been out for at least a yr when Wii-U launched, then Darksiders 2 & many others had been out & finished by many months ago. The fact that none of these had any worthy extra features, or any unreal, innovative controller specific ideas, made the launch a fluffed out load of crap.

Then, the fact that the game that would have been THE BEST GAME & best exclusive on the system, in Rayman, not only didn't launch with the Wii-U, & not only suffered pushback after pushback, slipped release date, after slipped release date, but is now known to be multiplat (something I predicted about all these supposed 3rd party Wii-U exclusives, anyhow), means that the Wii-U's only interesting game just happened to be a Zombie game, in Zombi-U. Now, after buying a Wii-U with Zombi-U & Mario-U, I can safely say that I haven't found Zombi-U to be a true system seller, as the game didn't live up to it's hype.

Point is, Wii-U had a most disappointing launch in my opinion, & with nothing whatsoever coming up in the immediate future, that I won't be able to get elsewhere, my purchases on Nintendo hardware were a waste.
I'm embarrassed to say, that I bought 2 Wii-U's, 1 for my 2 young kids, & 1 for myself for Xmas.
I shouldn't have bothered...I would have been better off getting my kids a PS3 (I have 2 myself, including an original 60gig b/c Australian model, but I don't like sharing with my kids, as they'd lose all my saves & mess my crap up).......So, I should have either got them another PS3, or given them my 360, as my 6yr old boy loves Halo.....

But, I screwed up & got suckered for 2 of these lemons, that are seeing no worthwhile game releases. I can see a 3D Mario coming around the time PS4 and/or 720 launch, & the gaming media going gaga over it, & Nintendo will cleverly & cunningly roll out another batch of unjust over scoring Mario themed games, that will probably entail, Mario 3D, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, PaperMario, Mario-U-2, Super Smash Bros HD, some exclusive Capcom Resident Evil cash in's, like RE6:Nightmare Edition, that Capcom will claim are totally overhauled & reworked for Wii-U (& they will later come to PS3, PS4, 360 & 720).
Adolph Fitler  +   717d ago
"dont worry wii u owners this game isnt worth the money anyway"

Why not, because it wasn't a FPS, hey? The game is awesome, & worth the money, ya crackhead???? It is $5 per chapter, which makes it a $25 game.......I don't know what your smoking, but this game was scored very high by nearly EVERY review, and I believe that is for 2 reasons, the 1st being that the game is great. And, the 2nd, just simply for the fact that the developers had the balls to do such a different game than all the other me-too titles that are going around. Which is why it would make it such an ideal title for a Nintendo system....Sony & Nintendo are renowned for encouraging games like this to there system, so I don't know what your smoking. I mean, I don't even like point & click games usually, but this game was done in such a unique new way, & had such an awesome story, that I really enjoyed this spiced up game in a genre I usually fall asleep playing. Mate, if your not into it, that is fair enough, but if you comment on a game like this, that is known as a great title, in a derogatory way, just because it didn't rock your world, you should assess yourself as a gamer.....as, the best gamers can at least admit when a game they don't enjoy playing is of such a high quality, that it is unable to be bashed. I mean, I don't enjoy playing JRPG's, so I couldn't enjoy FF7 when it came out all those years ago, on my PS1......but I tried to play it & enjoy it, but it simply wasn't my cup of tea......but, by the same token, I could see the quality & knew it was a special game with a grandiose, unequalled production, for it's time. And, so, it would be dumb of me, or anyone, to say, "Oh well, don't worry fellow N64 owners, FF7 is no great loss to our system". Because, that would be BS, just like your comment toward TWD not being worth the low asking price & is not worth worrying about for Wii-U owners....I mean, R U SERIOUS, CRACKHEAD?????

Any game that Wii-U doesn't get is worth worrying about, (especially truly great ones, like TWD) as Wii-U has NOTHING....the system is a bust, as far as a decent game library goes, I mean, from launch to this point, it is one of the worst system lineups of all time, as opposed to others systems 3-4 months after launch. There is NO steady flow of games, in fact, there is NO games releasing. I really can't even mention any titles that have come out after launch, as I'm not sure there has been any. Maybe 1 or 2.....But, Aliens: CM is now delayed, while 360 & PS3 versions are already on store shelves, then Rayman, NG, & all the rest. Even the PSVita is seeing a bigger, better, stronger game lineup than Wii-U. I got onto there store the other day, with plans to go a bit crazy on SNES, NES & N64 games, & the store had NOTHING.....NOTHING....All it had was 6 demos, 1 NES title, & some vids & games that are cheaper to buy hardcopies of, instores.
Nintendo desperately need to get there sh!t together with Wii-U....as currently, there is NO REASON, for nobody to buy one of these machines. There better off getting a PS3 or 360, & that is a fact & probably won't be a thing that will be able to be changed this gen.....& theres the other fact, Wii-U is really the machine that Nintendo SHOULD have delivered 7yrs ago, instead of that other, over priced, underpowered, gimmick heavy, POS.
DivineAssault  +   716d ago
wii u is getting hammered every day.. I actually feel bad for nintendo.. they try n try yet dont seem to get it.. So many simple things couldve made the wii u an EXCELLENT console to own but theyre stubborn.. cross game chat & accomplishments wouldve helped i think.. & pushing HARD for more 3rd party games that PS3/360 are getting.. Instead they say "we have monster hunter tri" again.. "we have wind waker" again.. "we have mighty switch force" again.. "we have mutant mudds" again.. "we have dragon quest X" again.. not to mention recycled things like NSMB
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