Journey soundtrack misses out on Grammy award

Austin Wintour's incredible soundtrack for Journey was the first videogame soundtrack as a whole nominated for a Grammy award - Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media. In an interesting twist, while Wintour lost out in today's ceremony, the eventual winner was a man known for his groundbreaking work in videogame soundtracks: Trent Reznor.

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Godchild10201863d ago

While it didn't win this one, the amount of awards Journey has won so far is a great feat for any video game.

NukaCola1863d ago

I didn't know Trent did Quake...I thought he just did the sound track for Doom 3.

NJShadow1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

I don't even think a Grammy equals success, or acclaim. Sure, some great artists have nabbed Grammys, but so have some really awful ones. Austin Wintory is incredible, and he sure as heck doesn't need a Grammy to prove that.

RTheRebel1863d ago

Grammy's are a joke anyways

Killzoner991863d ago

Complete BS , the Grammys are a joke anyway. What won some Ke$ha song? Why are the Grammys even still around?

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