NVIDIA GeForce Titan Listing Reveals 6 GB (512-bit) Memory, 915 MHz Core Clock

The retailer lists the ASUS GeForce Titan which was also listed a few days ago by ProShop although the listing was removed. The new one has not yet been removed and shows that the card would feature a 6 GB GDDR5 memory which would run across a 512-bit interface rather than a 384-bit interface as previously expected. This could show that NVIDIA has made a radical change to its Tesla board since the K20X had a 384-bit interface supporting a 6GB memory. On performance point of view, the faster memory interface would help drive better frame rates while gaming on higher resolutions.

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fluffydelusions1540d ago

Sounds like it can run Crysis

AKS1539d ago

You should buy 2 for SLI just in case.

dirthurts1540d ago

That would explain the 6gb of video ram.

hellvaguy1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Well considering theres no 4k resolution game in the foreseeable future, plus the cheapest 4k monitor is $5, 500 im gunna say no. Just a wet dream for several more years. (At which point this card will be $300-400, when can even use it for 4k).

1540d ago
hellvaguy1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

So again no 4k games and I really question a hypothetical 4k tv at that price. First of all that link you posted, was for $2,000 not $1500. And secondly the guy barely spoke a lick of English, so more likely he doesn't even know the correct exchange rate to U.S. dollars.

Heck a high end 55" lcd-led can still go for $1500-2000, so Im very doubtful of that $2,000 4k resolution.

So Im still standing by the original comment regardless if some people pretend (live in fantasty future land or w/e). I'd like to see a credible link to a cheap 4k tv and a solid line up of 4k games to go with it because Im a video game nut myself, but I like to go with more reality based pricing.

specialguest1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Not exactly 4K(4096×2160) resolution, but 6gb of vram is going to be very beneficial for racing/flight simulation type of games where 3 1080p monitors(5760×1080), or in some rare case, normal PC games where 5 1080p monitors(5400x1920) are combined.

So in actuality, PC already has the capability to do beyond 4K.

5 1080p monitor playing Skyrim:

jeffgoldwin1540d ago

Multiple monitors is pretty off topic. Thread was over a 4k resolution. Never heard of someone claiming 4k can also mean 4k divided by 3 or 4 to equal multiple 1080p monitors.

But other than going a bit off topic, ya 6gb ram will be useful on multiple monitors if your into that.

1540d ago
DeadlyFire1539d ago

Prices of 4k Monitors will hit the floor in 1-2 years don't worry so much about price point of 4K just yet.

Kakkoii1539d ago

Lol dude, there are tonnes of 4k videogames. Because on the PC, in many games you can set the resolution to WHATEVER YOU WANT.

jeffgoldwin1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Tons of 4k res, yet no link. Wonder why so many gamers dream away in lala land in a separate existence from reality. I mean Hellvaguy did ask for a link to these tons and tons of available 4k games yet no1 has it. Some types of believe in bigfoot and aliens with no concept of real proof.

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jjb19811540d ago

Put that ish in a ps4, ugh!

FarCryLover1821540d ago

That'd be nice, but can you say $1,400 console?

Yukicore1540d ago

$1,400 console? The video card it self costs that much. And the console would need a CPU to back that power up, high wattage power supply and a blu-ray player to put a load on that hardware, hi-performance cooler etc.

About $2,000, at least, is what I'm thinking.

However gaming couldn't get any better if there would be a popular console that powerful.

a_squirrel1540d ago

Why on n4g, not techspy, wonder precious, I doez.

NaiNaiNai1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

And putting consoles 10 years behind the market curve yet again.

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