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NVIDIA GeForce Titan Listing Reveals 6 GB (512-bit) Memory, 915 MHz Core Clock

The retailer lists the ASUS GeForce Titan which was also listed a few days ago by ProShop although the listing was removed. The new one has not yet been removed and shows that the card would feature a 6 GB GDDR5 memory which would run across a 512-bit interface rather than a 384-bit interface as previously expected. This could show that NVIDIA has made a radical change to its Tesla board since the K20X had a 384-bit interface supporting a 6GB memory. On performance point of view, the faster memory interface would help drive better frame rates while gaming on higher resolutions. (PC, Tech)

fluffydelusions  +   900d ago
Sounds like it can run Crysis
turgore  +   900d ago
Can it run minecraft ?
Plagasx  +   900d ago
Don't be silly.
AKS  +   899d ago
You should buy 2 for SLI just in case.
FarCryLover182  +   900d ago
Yeah right.
kevnb  +   900d ago
4k gaming?
dirthurts  +   900d ago
That would explain the 6gb of video ram.
hellvaguy  +   900d ago
Well considering theres no 4k resolution game in the foreseeable future, plus the cheapest 4k monitor is $5, 500 im gunna say no. Just a wet dream for several more years. (At which point this card will be $300-400, when can even use it for 4k).
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hellvaguy  +   900d ago
So again no 4k games and I really question a hypothetical 4k tv at that price. First of all that link you posted, was for $2,000 not $1500. And secondly the guy barely spoke a lick of English, so more likely he doesn't even know the correct exchange rate to U.S. dollars.

Heck a high end 55" lcd-led can still go for $1500-2000, so Im very doubtful of that $2,000 4k resolution.

So Im still standing by the original comment regardless if some people pretend (live in fantasty future land or w/e). I'd like to see a credible link to a cheap 4k tv and a solid line up of 4k games to go with it because Im a video game nut myself, but I like to go with more reality based pricing.
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specialguest  +   900d ago
Not exactly 4K(4096×2160) resolution, but 6gb of vram is going to be very beneficial for racing/flight simulation type of games where 3 1080p monitors(5760×1080), or in some rare case, normal PC games where 5 1080p monitors(5400x1920) are combined.

So in actuality, PC already has the capability to do beyond 4K.

5 1080p monitor playing Skyrim:

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jeffgoldwin  +   900d ago
Multiple monitors is pretty off topic. Thread was over a 4k resolution. Never heard of someone claiming 4k can also mean 4k divided by 3 or 4 to equal multiple 1080p monitors.

But other than going a bit off topic, ya 6gb ram will be useful on multiple monitors if your into that.
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DeadlyFire  +   899d ago
Prices of 4k Monitors will hit the floor in 1-2 years don't worry so much about price point of 4K just yet.
Kakkoii  +   899d ago
Lol dude, there are tonnes of 4k videogames. Because on the PC, in many games you can set the resolution to WHATEVER YOU WANT.
jeffgoldwin  +   899d ago
Tons of 4k res, yet no link. Wonder why so many gamers dream away in lala land in a separate existence from reality. I mean Hellvaguy did ask for a link to these tons and tons of available 4k games yet no1 has it. Some types of believe in bigfoot and aliens with no concept of real proof.
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jjb1981  +   900d ago
Put that ish in a ps4, ugh!
FarCryLover182  +   900d ago
That'd be nice, but can you say $1,400 console?
Yukicore  +   899d ago
$1,400 console? The video card it self costs that much. And the console would need a CPU to back that power up, high wattage power supply and a blu-ray player to put a load on that hardware, hi-performance cooler etc.

About $2,000, at least, is what I'm thinking.

However gaming couldn't get any better if there would be a popular console that powerful.
a_squirrel  +   900d ago
Why on n4g, not techspy, wonder precious, I doez.
NaiNaiNai  +   899d ago
And putting consoles 10 years behind the market curve yet again.
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FlyingFoxy  +   899d ago
Meh, cashgrab card (Mars) rip off, 700 series is right around the corner, and games would run crap at massive resolutions.

Give me 1080p and 60+fps always, much better than higher res and almost unplayable framerates of like 20-30fps with 3 monitors. Speed is much more important.

Only need to look at hgih end card reviews to see 1080p is always the sweet spot for speed.
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