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GVN Discussion: Next Generation Xbox Rumors

GVN Discussion is a new video series here on GamingVlogNetwork where the staff discuss a specific piece of news may it be a new trailer, rumors, or game announcement. GVN Discussion will be the place where you can see and hear the staff’s opinions on the topic. (Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

PS4isKing_82  +   899d ago
I have a feeling shortly after Sony's event in 2 weeks, lots of new 720 specs and leaks will start happening.

I heard a rumor last week that a new pgr game could be launching with 720.
If that is true, ill have two new consoles to buy this year.

Would also love if microscot brought crimson skies and rallisport challenge back.
The original Xbox had some great underrated games that could do good if they just bring them back.
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lsujester  +   899d ago
I would undoubtedly buy any console that had a new Crimson Skies.

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