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PS4 could have less 3rd party games than Xbox 720

It has recently been reported over by EDGE magazine that the next Xbox is rumored to block used games. When gamers purchase a game it will be tied down to just one system or user ID and can’t be resold. While this is anti-consumer, it may lead to Microsoft trumping the PS4 in the next generation. (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Darth Stewie  +   900d ago
WTF if the PS4 is supposedly going to be similar to 720 when it comes to developing games why wouldn't they make a PS4 version as well. It won't require as much work to make a game for both the PS4 & 720 like it did for PS3/360 so they will make more money if they develop for both.
-Falaut-  +   900d ago
Wow, already being trumped...and all this when all we're sitting on is an announcement for an announcement. Congratulations on your opinion piece, one of the more useless parts of the internet.
sway_z  +   900d ago
Nonsense....even piracy, let alone the 2nd hand market still allows these third party developers to make money..I never once heard of a developer shutting shop due to the piracy/second hand issue...most developers close because they're games are whack or simply due to poor business decisions.
refocusedman  +   900d ago
This article is pretty lame. I swear articles/opinion pieces like this makes N4G similar to the national enquirer. No facts just baseless poorly conntrived points.
ned_76  +   900d ago
so true
sashimi  +   900d ago
I thought that is how gaming journalism works 90% of the time 7days a week
KMCROC54  +   900d ago
I would support it , but like the story States 3rd parties have to be ready to fully back it up all the way. Thier is no room for flip flopping from the big Publisher , cause if they refuse to follow thur it can hurt the console ( hopefully MS has iron clad contract in place) manufacturer. That is why they must be fully aware & ready to ride it out. I whole heartedly support it if they also continue to give those games content just to keep them fresh or offer season Pass for future DLC.
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rainslacker  +   900d ago
The thing is, it would only work if the console in question actually got a significant enough install base to make it worth taking the risk. Given the thoughts on this from much of the community, it could seriously hamper sales. Another article reported that content sales in the US were already down 9% overall last year, so they aren't going to be willing to take that hit for the long term while it is gradually adopted, or at least tolerated by the masses.
TronEOL  +   900d ago
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robleroy  +   900d ago
If over the more than a decade people çan't still figure out why EDGE is Always trashing sony ps3 or its games...
Saigon  +   900d ago
Though you might be right I kind of disagree a little, only because this author is wayward. I guess people forgot Sony has a patent out for this topic and hasn't ruled out doing this. This makes the author a little biased and seem to play favoritism to a console; especially when the facts are right in front of him.
The Meerkat  +   900d ago
The 3rd party devs will follow the money.
Clarence  +   900d ago
Feb 20th got a lot of people scared.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   900d ago
Interesting argument but based on conjecture. When Sony and Ms have revealed their respective hands will we have facts to argue with. Roll on then.
sdozzo  +   900d ago
'could' = trash
juandren  +   900d ago
Don't they teach grammar in American schools anymore or did this guy just drop out?

On-topic: Developers go where the gamers go and gamers go where the games are. Sony should just impress with their first-party games at launch to draw in gamers. Furthermore, assuming Sony has a 6-month lead, third party developers will support them. Let's say the PS4 sells 5 million in those 6 months. 5 million gamers and growing. Which developer would just walk away from that?

Sony is safe. Bloggers are dumb.
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extermin8or  +   900d ago
5 million potential sales-infact when you think about how many consoles get sold then look at what makes a game successfully its a tiny portion of the consoles out there- this does suggest that some people fork out the cash for hardware then never buy games doesn't it?
DivineAssault  +   900d ago
lol this is hilarious..
momthemeatloaf  +   900d ago
The death of console gaming...greediness
givemeshelter  +   900d ago
More rumors LOL These articles are comical at best.
jacksons98  +   900d ago
I buy Playstation for their exclusives. Multiplats I generally play on PC. But this is BS anyway. Everyone said that about PS3, then we find out later it's only because MS was paying off developers to be exclusive for a period of time.
lovegames718  +   900d ago
i wouldnt mind at all. I %ucking hate most hyped up multiplat games like Farcry3 and assn. Creed which are boring monotonous affairs. Thank god for Sony exclusives if not i wouldnt be gaming much. I spend like 80% of my gaming time playing Sony exclusives like Ni No Kuni, Demon Souls, Kz, Uc multiplayer, Gow asc beta, etc......
Y_5150  +   900d ago
I don't care. Exclusive games is why I buy a system. Multiplats are the bonus. Sony has so many first party quality titles more than 80 percent of my PS3 games are exclusive!
ipe  +   900d ago
Hey tools

Without used games xbox ll fail hard retail, no 3 rd party publisher ll give it exclusives when no one is buying it.

isarai  +   900d ago
Yet it somehow still doesn't look better than most most exclusives, even some multiplats look better honestly
deSSy2724  +   900d ago
Bad article..... PS4 99% wont lose big 3rd party support, maybe some exclusive feautures and maybe some games will come for Xbox 720 first (M$) but other than that, i dont think its going to happen.
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Adolph Fitler  +   900d ago
What makes me laugh is that because this is MS & Xbox....This feature has now been turned into a positive, when 2 weeks ago, when it was found that Sony simply patented this type of technology, they were the worst company in the world & there was not a single positive spin put on it.

Now, crackhead MS fanboys are turning the fact that Sony aren't blocking used games, & MS are, into a negative for Sony. Get your BS straight, you turds.......either you care for used game blockage, or you don't.....Otherwise your just like MS, in that you won't commit, one way or the other.....just like your little MS with HD-DVD.

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