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The PlayStation 4 Could Be Announced On February 20th, Here Are the Key Points For Improvement

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes about the PlayStation 4 and the next generation of consoles. The hash tag #playstation2013 has been shuffling around the web and catching fire. Many are proclaiming that it is the inevitable launch of the PlayStation 4. While this might be true we can only speculate as rumors are running rampart and sources could be paper thin. However, let’s look into what the next PlayStation console needs to do for next generation. (Next-Gen, PS3, PS4)

mushroomwig  +   746d ago
Another article about improvements, how original.
Saigon  +   746d ago
But the real question is...improvements on what? Its not guaranteed the PS4 will be announced, at least publicly. Sony could be announcing something else and in private discuss the PS4 and apply a heavy NDA until E3...

I understand what the author is trying to get out but the title is a site burner...just trying to get more hits...
Irishguy95  +   746d ago
Needs a better interface...like...for example..the way you have to sync trophies is not on the 360. I'm very certain chat will be in this time. I just hope Psn stays free and Ps+ stays for good.
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WeAreLegion  +   746d ago
They have confirmed on the PS Blog that Plus is here to stay. :)
one2thr  +   746d ago
I'd like to see/hear what the new system jingle is like/will be... Even though they removed the PS3 jingle, to decrease load times, it still kinda sucks that it was removed...

Well that's just me...
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BitbyDeath  +   746d ago
As long as they don't change the trophy ding then all will be right.

Whoever came up with that should get a raise.
PS4isKing_82  +   746d ago
They should add that same sound for when u receive a message from ur friends.
Or a similar sound in case you don't see the on screen alert right away.
BitbyDeath  +   746d ago
That might get confusing if they used the same sound for everything lol
trancefreak  +   746d ago
I just thought of something fro your comment. how about being able to pick your own custom sound and or use the old style boot sounds. I think that would be cool to go retro.
one2thr  +   746d ago
^^^All winners, but seeing that the PSN accounts are going to be assigned to controllers now, my imagination is hoping they would have a small speaker(s) that chimes whenever you have a notification, and as you draw your attention to the reasonably small on board display built into this modified dualshock controller, you(the gamer) can respond to each and every notification without having to be in the direct same room as the console... <- That's another win in my book (:
Bathyj  +   746d ago
If theyre going to have screen and video capture from gameplay I hope they let you make gifs and use them as animated wallpapers.
j-blaze  +   746d ago

-more AAA Japanese games
-the ability to transfer all the data from my ps3 to PS4
-more media formats support
-international PS store, means a game that's only available in certain country should be available to all simultaneously
-option to play with Dualshock3 controllers
-NTFS external HHD support
Bathyj  +   746d ago
You know J-Blaze, I give you a bit of crap when I see some of the ridiculous post you make, but those were all good points and said with a non trolling attitude.

Just wanted you to know I can give credit where due. Good work, keep it up.
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BitbyDeath  +   746d ago
I don't think the universal store will happen sadly.
Would be great but everyone with their different languages and rating systems would make it too difficult to manage.
darx  +   746d ago
I believe the announcement will not be PS4 but their cloud service.
ApolloTheBoss  +   746d ago
No it has to be the PS4, for Sony's own good. Inviting investors? Tons of journalists and media showing up? All the hype they have built up to this point? I cannot describe to you in words how much nerd rage will ensue on the internet if you're correct.
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poopsack  +   746d ago
The investors, all these game companies teasing announcements for similar/same dates. Shuhei Yoshida retweeting this animated gif: http://i.minus.com/i1ot2q1b... , all the rumor/leaks coming from legit sources and so many other things that have happened within a WEEK. Thinking it wont be the PS4 at this point is a bit ridiculous.
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MEsoJD  +   746d ago
That was funny.
BitbyDeath  +   746d ago
Cloud service as a standalone announcement was never possible with this type of conference anyway.

Cloud is software, it may get mentioned alongside the PS4 though
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level 360  +   746d ago
Gamers do like to play a lot so I hope when the PS4 ( same for XBox 8 ) heats up and those internal exhaust fans get activated, I'd like them to be less annoyingly noisy.. at least to unnoticeable levels.

Haven't experienced the vaunted "Red Ring of Death" but do these consoles beep as a warning or you just see the light turn from green to red flashes?

I'm saying this because some of us don't have fully air-conditioned rooms/lounges and when summer arrives especially here in Australia, it's really damn cooking hot some days.

Lastly would be nice if Sony offers a range of colors besides black and white. Blue comes to mind since that is Sony's trademark color. Red, Velvet, Orange.. Matte paint would be fantastic.
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sandman224  +   746d ago
I agree with everything you said except backward compatibility. I don't think it's that important. I want a ps4 to play next gen games. Ill keep my ps3 for ps3 games.
black911  +   746d ago
Seems like no one cares about the Durango.
JAMurida  +   745d ago
I still feel that it will be huge for Sony if they continue to let you install your own HDD and even bigger if the PS4 supports SATA 3, which will allow you to get the most out of an SSD drive, (just that alone will improve loading times and performance greatly compared to just a normal HDD)
Tapioca Cold  +   745d ago
Another poorly wriiten article:

"If the PlayStation 4 can make your gaming experience into an immersive network that doesn’t require much."

Much what?

"It’s also about providing services that gamers are going to use."

For example?

"I honestly cannot remember all the launch titles that released with PS3."

Then do some research.

"In creating a well-loved brand there is one thing that always remains true, consistency."

So, by this arguement you are saying Sony isn't loved? Or are you saying games like Metal Gear and Gt were not consistant in regards to quality? Seemed great to me.

here's a better argument. Microsoft russhed there console. It cost them a billion dollars with RROD.

Should companies rush or deliver quality?


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