‘Dragon’s Crown’ on Playstation 3 gets pre-order discount from Amazon

Amazon has discounted the pre-order Playstation 3 version of the upcoming multiplatform 2D action role-playing video game from Atlus, “Dragon’s Crown.”

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Xandet1926d ago

Odin Sphere was one of the most stunningly beautiful games I've ever played. Might have to pick this one up.

NewMonday1926d ago

what happened to the Vita game?

miyamoto1926d ago

the boobs are still slated to appear on the Vita

Myst1926d ago

June 30th huh? I wonder if that is a placeholder or the actual release date. Been waiting for this especially the vita version. Need to know a bit more such as whether it will have Cross buy or not (PS3 version) if so I guess I will pre-order. If not I suppose I'll just jump on the Vita version.

Veneno1925d ago

It would be odd if it wasn't cross buy. The game is cross play. I cant think of a game that is one but not the other besides streetfighter x tekken and DOA plus, but this is because of nlack of simultaneous release. So if DC isnt same day release on both PS3 and Vita, then its probly not cross buy.

Myst1924d ago

Hmm will have to keep that in mind then. Thank you!

r211926d ago

Man, we havent gotten any update bout this game. Whats the hold up Atlus?

dee-ecks1926d ago

It takes time to heft them giant boobies around!!!

Black-Rock-Shooter1926d ago

wow thats very good screens they all looked super epic and very fun should look it up.

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