Sony to Reinvigorate PlayStation Marketing - NGV #131

Sony cuts off yet another first-party studio, PlayStation adopts new advertising agency, and Microsoft acquires yet another media partner for Xbox 360, THIS IS NICK’S GAMING VIEW!

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showtimefolks1899d ago

it was never a 1st party studio, sony never owned super bot. more like sony walks away from a 2nd party partner

and its about time sony hires a firm that actually promotes their products. I liked KB's ads as much as the next guy but felt like a lot of times sony was selling kevin butler's brand more than their exclusive games

here is a thought sony:

when advertising show gameplay from the game, show the blockbuster moments show the excellent reviews tha game has gotten. that will get people excited not someone talking about how awesome it is to play with PS:move

this is coming from a long time Playstation fan, i feel like sony's studios work hard to make great games yet are never given the royal treatment

starhawk is an excellent game yet no ads
twsited metal is a excellent game yet no ads
resistance 3 is a excellent game yet no ads

the only game i saw sony really going out of their way to advertise was Uncharted 3 and you can see how well that sold. I know they can't spend millions on each game but some sort of smaller ads would be nicer like maybe on youtube or Facebook

MikeMyers1899d ago

Well hopefully going forward things start to improve marketing wise. You're right, some great games often got ignored. Seems like Naughty Dog gets all the attention. They did advertise the InFamous games quite well if I recall.

showtimefolks1899d ago

no doubt but infamous 2 didn't get any ads yet it was a excellent game also

look we the core fans will buy it because we visit gaming sites few times a week but what about those who come into casual category and often buy what they see on TV

sony owns a lot of IP's and i am hopeful that they realize they can make more money if each of their game gets some sort of ads budget

this new firm has 2 big games coning up that they need smart advertisement for last of us and beyond 2 souls. ni nu kuni is a excellent exclusive and sony should advertise it to RPG fans of old school games

but that's just my 2 cents on this issue, hopefully this new firm will do the game justice

NewMonday1898d ago

Sony is bad at advertising all over the company products not just games, the only exception is the movie segment

clintagious6501899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Totally agree. I honestly think that is why ps3 exclusives didnt sell as good as they should have was because the lack of advertisements. It seems sony has learned that brand name alone wont just take them to the top anymore without advertising it more often & being creative like u said & persuading the consumer making them know that damn thats a must buy game. I see the ps4 this time around being alot more successful then the ps3 compared to the ps3 launch when sony was arrogant & thought they can launch a year later & have the same success the ps2 did. They finally understand now that with MS around u will have to showcase all your exclusives by advertising the heck out of them & showing why they are still king in the gaming industry.

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Lucreto1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

SuperBot Entertainment was a second party studio. They are third party buy with a contract to make a game. It is the same deal as insomnaic

Ezz20131899d ago

is the gaming media even try anymore to look legit ?!
SuperBot Entertainment was 1st party ?! since when ?!

LarVanian1899d ago

Does anybody remember these ads?

I thought they were really well done and nicely advertised a variety of PS3 exclusives together. I feel games such as Sly Cooper, Starhawk and Playstation All-Stars could have benefited from this form of advertising.

NateCole1899d ago

Yeah that's my fave as well for this gen.

bothebo1899d ago

Now that is a good ad!

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