'Magic: The Gathering' cosplay: Jace vs. Chandra cosplay (Photos)'s David Leavitt writes: "Wizards of the Coast's popular trading card game "Magic: The Gathering" has a vast history of storylines spanning twenty years. Its plethora of unique characters with stylish attire also make it a ripe target for cosplay. We caught up with Robert Mentzer to talk about his recent Jace vs. Chandra cosplay with Rachel Nadine, photographed by Elle ( io)."

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Kurt Russell1864d ago

They could have at least edited out the guy... lets face, we know why we click these links, smoking hot red head nerds.

StinKyNuGz1864d ago

fuck yea got to love the red heads mmmm yummmy

Myst1864d ago

Chandra was always one of the planeswalkers I wanted to learn more about..well actually all of them, which reminds me I need some books..

KillrateOmega1864d ago

Nice cosplay, but we all know why we looked at these pictures. Hot, nerdy chicks ftw!