Housemarque pitched Dead Nation 2, Walking Dead and Superman games

GE: "Gamers may know Housemarque as the team behind the Super Stardust titles and Dead Nation. In the past, the studio has made pitches for Dead Nation 2, a Walking Dead game, and a Superman project."

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GuyThatPlaysGames1958d ago

Agreed!! Dead Nation 1 was awesome!!! I'd love a Dead Nation 2!!!

gatormatt801958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I figured Dead Nation 2 was a lock as a sequel when you consider the caliber of the first game. Dead Nation had IMO some of the best zombies ever in a game. It felt like you were battling hundreds of zombies at once and just the way they ran and would swarm you was awesome. I sure hope Dead Nation 2 gets greenlight.

guitarded771958d ago

Really fun co-op. A friend and I ran through the game in one evening and had a hell of a good time.

HBK6191958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Yep, I loved it too.

I didn't get it until the PSN down fiasco and it was given as a free game, but I was very pleasantly surprised. And it made Outland an instant buy afterwards.

I even bought the DLC as soon as it came out and ran through that very quickly.

Would love an expanded Dead Nation game. Could be incredible!!

Oh and Dinosaurs? HELLS YEAH!

OllieBoy1958d ago

Dead Nation 2 (PS3/Vita)


clintagious6501958d ago

Funny thing is dead nation was a psn game & sad thing is it was scarier & better then RE6 lol. Cant wait for part 2 & if these guys create walking dead, u know it will be scary if dead nation is scary. Capcom learn from these guys & naughty dog. Heck the theme song alone in the beginning of dead nation was scarier then RE6 lol.

KwietStorm1958d ago

Lol can't say I disagree. And yea that theme was nice.

Skate-AK1958d ago

I'm surprised they didn't make Dead Nation 2. Almost eveyone knows what Dead Nation is since we basically all got it for free.

KwietStorm1958d ago

I didn't known they gave it for free. I had it since it released, and I would love a sequel.

Myst1958d ago

Yeah it was the welcome back package after the network was hacked.

akiraburn1957d ago

Actually, it seems like Dead Nation 2 could still potentially be in development. According to Housemarque's official blog, the sources for these rumors come from a guy who doesn't (at least presently) work at their company named Amar Djouad. All these articles basically just publicized incorrect information and some discarded artwork that he may or may not have created.

So their official word is that, "Amar Djouad doesn’t currently hold any position within the company. As for the artworks on display, they belong to a discarded batch and are not representative of projects we might or might not be working on" followed by them explaining that an official announcement has yet to be made on what projects are happening but that they will make an official announcement when the time is right.

Source: http://www.housemarqueblog....

Skate-AK1957d ago

Yeah I seen that eariler today. Would be cool.

cyberninja1958d ago

Dead nation is my fav arcade title ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.