Should PS4 and Xbox 720 Games Cost More?

The next generation of consoles is looming, and that means a whole new era of video gaming goodness awaits on the PS4 – but will game prices go up again? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan answer Greg Etopio’s community question.

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fluffydelusions1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

No. I suspect next games will look similar to how games like say crysis 3 or far cry 3 on PC look maxed out or close to it. If those games cost $60 now I see no reason why that should change.

aceitman1895d ago

they already milk us for dlc some more than others .

fluffydelusions1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Can't argue with that. But I dunno...can you imagine paying $70 + tax for a game at retail (not including dlc)? Not sure many people could get behind that. If that were to happen I don't think I would be doing many day 1 purchases next gen. That or I'd just stick to PC exclusively and steam sales lol.

Hydrolex1895d ago

Not more than 500 bucks !

LOGICWINS1895d ago

I'd pay $70 if these games came with a season pass for all future DLC.

yeahokchief1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

1. They already charge $90 when you buy the DLC.

2. If they increase the base price that's fine with me, but i want the DLC to become less expensive to make up for that.

3. If both base price and dlc prices increase then i will not buy as many games or will find a less expensive hobby.

4. I vote to get rid of second hand games/used games before raising prices and i vote with my wallet.

rainslacker1894d ago

In the end it will be the same as it was for this generation. The market will decide what the actual cost of the games will be.

If games come out at $70, while possibly a fair price given rising costs, the market may not be able to sustain that price because people may not be willing to pay that much. If a majority of the people accept the increased price then expect a majority of games to be priced at this point, just like it's been this gen.

If there is a significant decline in game sales because of the increased price, which is reasonable to assume, then the publishers will rethink that price, and likely development on those titles will change, or other methods will be devised to recoup more of the initial investment.

The $60 games were pushing it this gen...$50 seemed to be a sweet spot in the prior gen...and well $60 was only $10 more, despite development costs rising significantly compared to previous gens. That significant rise won't exist this time, although there will be an increase in dev costs, just not as much respective to this gens shift.

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deSSy27241895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Yeah but....

Lets see... Dead Space 3:

60$ + 11 DAY-ONE DLCs (110$ combined).

THATS 170$ DAMN IT, expensive as hell.

mochachino1895d ago

No next-gen games will have next gen engines. Current PC games are just HD 60 FPS versions of console games with better textures and lighting.

Next-gen engines will make console games look fairly different than current PC games.

DeadlyFire1894d ago

you are aware that next generation engines are built from the ground up on a PC first right? Okay I was just checking.

hotrider121894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

unfortunately i think ps4 games prabably be around 69.99 79.99 if games come close like CRYSIS 3
I feel no one is willing to pay 70 or 80.00 for one game. 160(80) for 2 games?? 140 (70) for 2 games?

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Cocozero1895d ago

If Sony/MS wanted to go all digital in the future they would add $10 to the disk versions and make the digital version around $15/$20 cheaper to encourage DD adoption.

adorie1895d ago

Great thinking. But I still enjoy my physical copy. It will be hard to take away from that without leaving *me* feeling empty.. quite literally.

Jakens1894d ago

Test Drive Unlimited was $40 on day one. And a great $40 at that

jc485731895d ago

if the price does go up, I will have to be even more selective when it comes to buying games.

Foolsjoker1895d ago

I think games could go up $5 without it being too big of a problem.

fluffydelusions1895d ago

Appropriate username for that comment :P