SteelSeries FREE Controller Review (Console Monster)

A common problem with touch-screen games is in its on-screen controls. Many mobile developers fall at the first hurdle with this control system. The most common genre that is vulnerable to this problem are stick shooters or D-pad platform games. Titles such as these require precision-based controls that touch-screens fail to give. Something more tactile is needed, and luckily SteelSeries has delivered a solution to this problem with the release of their mobile gaming controller called the FREE.

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ExCest1771d ago

Sh!t ain't free. Reported. Fake and [email protected] Pics or it didn't happen.

hellvaguy1771d ago

Depends on your definition of free. Its free of a cord. It grants you more gaming freedom. It prevents you from getting laid for free (wait nvm you had that freedom before this controller was out).

ExCest1771d ago

It was a joke. I know it isn't free. It's the bloody name.