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Sony Missed the Perfect Chance for the PS4 at the Superbowl

The Superbowl could have propelled Sony’s mysterious console into the limelight. (Industry, Next-Gen, PS3, PS4, Sony, Xbox One)

LOGICWINS  +   779d ago
They didn't have the money to make that big of an advertisement. It's 4 million for 30 seconds. Why spend that much when people will find out on their own throughout the year?
samoon  +   779d ago
They spent that much for the God of War Ascension TV spot. I don't see why not.
DetectiveX   779d ago | Spam
fluffydelusions  +   779d ago
System is not coming out anytime soon so what's the point in the investment at this point in time? If it was coming out next month than OK I would get behind the idea. GoW is coming soon...PS4 not so much.
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doctorstrange  +   779d ago
The GOW ad was only for the online superbowl stream only, so it didn't cost $4mil per 30 secs (which would have added up to $16 million)

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LOGICWINS  +   779d ago
That ad was online only.
Saigon  +   779d ago
its a double edge sword...

in my opinion, i think it was fine not to say anything about the PS4...they still need to sell the exclusives they have coming up especially since the system most likely wont be launched until the end of the year...

Now for the next Super Bowl...they need to do something...
fluffydelusions  +   779d ago
Pretty much. Also, even if they did do the ad then what? There is no info about PS4 anywhere to be found so people will go see the ad than search online for it and come up with nothing but rumors and speculation articles. Buy hey there is always the grammys tonight :P
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JoGam  +   779d ago
True, besides,If they don't announce PS4 on Feb 20th (Hopefully they do) then Sony didn't miss any opportunity. Its also safe to say MS could have used the Superbowl to announce the next Xbox also. Maybe that's wasn't the plan for either company after-all.
bicfitness  +   779d ago
More importantly, why advertise a product that - probably - won't be available till the fall? One that's getting its own press event in two weeks?
classic200  +   779d ago
Next year when its out would make better sense.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   779d ago
Plus to announce a PS4 would be too soon anyway. The 20th is when they'll allegedly announce their console.
samoon  +   779d ago
I can just imagine an extremely well done superbowl ad for the PS4 having to do with the tagline "The big game" or "game day".

Man they could have dealt some serious blows by unveiling it there.
NYC_Gamer  +   779d ago
The price for SB ad space is real damn expensive
Cocozero  +   779d ago
Two reasons:

1. They couldn't afford it (has no one seen their financials).

2. It would be a waste of money, NA is Xbox country, when MS starts it 720 ad campaign most won't even be aware the PS4 exists.
The_Infected  +   779d ago
Your delusional. People will know the PS4 exist no matter what you 360 Fanboys think.
fluffydelusions  +   779d ago
Yeah NA is xbox country but PS still sells very good here regardless and definitely worth fighting for.
MysticStrummer  +   779d ago
Sony could easily afford a superbowl commercial, but it wouldn't be smart spending since PS4 won't be out for awhile. lol @ "NA is Xbox country". The Superbowl is seen in many countries worldwide. You know... Earth... that place where PS3 sells better than 360? More people on the planet will know and care about PS4 than they will 720. Hell I'm in NA and I know many people who refuse to buy another MS console after replacing three or four of them. The RRoD Effect will stretch into next gen, no doubt.
SybaRat  +   779d ago
The blackout preempted it.
samoon  +   779d ago
I don't know why people keep saying it would be too soon. Why do you see trailers for movies that are meant to come out late in the year at the Super Bowl? Oh yea its called creating "Hype", something that can be achieved through an event like the Superbowl.

Stop acting like they can't afford it. If they can spend hundreds of millions making a console, they can easily cough up a million or two for a commercial.
smashcrashbash  +   779d ago
Once again Sony 'does it wrong'. As usual the people who go on line and write article know better then the multi million dollar company.Companies have schedules, protocols and goals.People always think that they just sit there and make knee jerk decisions.Even if they didn't have Superbowl commercial they have months and months to hype the PS4.Everything people write always sounds plausible when you are outside looking in but a company is a complex thing.You want them to reveal it on a commercial before anyone knows anything about it. Who has ever done that with a console? Who don't you go ask Nintendo and Microsoft why they didn't show their new consoles on a Superbowl commercials or any type of commercial before it's announcement? Why ask why Sony doesn't so something that no one else does? If Microsoft is rumored to release their console then where are the commercials? Who pays money to advertise a console then give you information about it afterwards? Please just don't speak if you have nothing to say.Besides make up your minds.What happened to 'Sony must stop teasing things before hand because that is the wrong way to do it'? And now that is what you are telling them to do?
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Tetsujin  +   779d ago
I agree 100%, so many people "think" they know how to run a business, and they "know" how Sony "should" run their practices, yet these are also the same people who never took any sort of business class; just read online, watch a couple of videos, and boom they know what to do.

To the author; the Superbowl isn't the only sporting event here in the US, and there's also much cheaper alternatives to promote products without spending high $ and still reach a big audience.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   779d ago
Saying Sony doent have the cash is laughable. Sony has 8.3 billion $ in reserves as of Dec. 2012 if you don't believe me here http://www.google.com/searc...

I agree the Superbowl was an ideal event to tease or even reveal the Ps4.
matchu_peechu  +   779d ago
Well so did Microsoft...
FrigidDARKNESS  +   779d ago
Sony cant afford to pay for Superbowl spots theyre financially poor.
If anything it was MS that missed there chance to show the next xbox.
Sorraxe  +   779d ago
February 20th - Ps4 announcement and date. Spec and information

E3- Focus on games online system/functions

Late 2013- Release frame

2014- Ownage

Those are my guess
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BitbyDeath  +   779d ago
If 4 million is for 30 seconds then 8 million is for a minute, now they'd likely need an hour to show it off so 8 million by 60 minutes = 480 million.

I think their way is better.
Sorraxe  +   779d ago

Going by your logic, we can also say that Sony will never marketing the ps4 in any kind of commercial since the 4million is too much for Sony , iam sure anything else is also too much for Sony.
Raoh  +   779d ago
That's a silly comment. The same can be said about any about to be announced device.

playstation, xbox, ipad, iphone, appletv, galaxy note, sports car, shoes, etc..
Chapster  +   779d ago
North America isn't Sony's biggest market. The rest of the world doesn't care about Superbowl. That's why they advertise at big football (soccer) events.
josephayal  +   779d ago
Super Meh!
NateCole  +   779d ago
Advertise something that is not official yet?.

black911  +   779d ago
We no nothing about the PS4. Heck it may not be announced on feb 20. Maybe sony has sone big news that can counter a PS4 announcement Like gakai stream any game to ps3. New controller for ps3 that destroys the 360s controller. New xmb,cross game. Chat,etc.....

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