Sony Doesn’t Seem Interested in Bringing System Sellers to Vita

GenGAME writes: "Today, Sony doesn’t seem interested in grabbing (or making) games with real potential to become the face of Vita. So far, what are the best-sellers for the system? They’re dumbed-down handheld versions of games that haven’t been super-hot to begin with (I’m looking at you, Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet), dumbed-down third-party multi-platform games that are by that very fact unlikely to become front-line titles for a new system (Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty), or quirky little experimental games. It’s no surprise that they aren’t pulling sales – none of these games is an adequate substitute for real revolutionary game-changers."

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Muffins12231649d ago

Well,there pushing ps3 games on the vita like sly cooper and persona 4 and many other games that have much higher quality and more content than a 3ds game..also killzone mercenary,Little big planet vita, soul sacrifice , and earth defense are just a few other games off the top of my head...

legendoflex1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Sly Cooper, Persona 4, LBP Vita, Soul Sacrifice - system sellers?

Come on, does anyone know what those look like anymore?

LOGICWINS1649d ago

^^Either way, Sly Cooper, Persona 4, LBP Vita, and Soul Sacrifice are NOT system sellers. They just aren't.

GTA is a system seller. Battlefield is a system seller. Monster Hunter is a system seller.

andrewsqual1649d ago

Why do people think that Sony have to make all the awesome games for Vita? A fucking third party needs to step in and make something good every now and again. Sony only have so many awesome studios that can make games at once.

BattleAxe1649d ago

The Vita will move once the heavy hitters like Killzone, God of War and Gran Turismo come out. They could use another Uncharted game and maybe even a Heavenly Sword game. I would love to see another Socom game as long as it is done in a style similar to the PS2 Socom games, but that seems highly unlikely at this stage.

For third party games, GTA, Metal Gear, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Battlefield and maybe a real Call of Duty game would really get things going.

dafegamer1649d ago

what is a system seller for you then?

Pixel_Enemy1649d ago

LOL Logic's idea of system sellers are multiplats haha.

LOGICWINS1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

"The Vita will move once the heavy hitters like Killzone, God of War and Gran Turismo come out."

I heard the SAME thing about COD, Liberation, and Golden Abyss. When will you people understand? N4G consistently proclaims that people buy consoles for exclusive IPs right? Yet when it comes to Vita, it's all of a sudden acceptable for Vita to churn out inferior versions of pre-existing Sony IPs.

Hypocrisy at its finest.

"LOL Logic's idea of system sellers are multiplats haha."

You REALLY need to do your research before commenting. The PS3 versions of the multiplats I mentioned outsell PS3 exclusives. The PS3 version of BF3 outsold Killzone 3 2:1. So YES, a Battlefield game(multiplatform) would be a HELLUVA lot better system seller than KZ: Mercenary.

Numbers don't lie :)

JoGam1649d ago

Playstation Plus is a system seller. I know a few people who bought a Vita just for Plus

LOGICWINS1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

^^It would be if Sony actually advertised it.

In early 2011, it was reported that only 100k PSN members we're PS Plus subscribers.


Lets say(being generous) that this number jumped to 500k in the past two years...thats STILL not even ONE percent of the estimated 70 million UNIQUE PSN users.

It's been proven that Sony has dire PR/marketing issues. Why are we sweeping it under the rug and pretending that everything is okay? Hiding behind a disagree button won't make the Vita sell.

skrug1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


So Battlefield is a system seller and COD is not? Which is released, and I know the game has crap ratings....

Which means only naming these games (GTA, Battlefield, MonHun) does not equal a system sellers or even a good game, because lets be honest COD should be system seller.

And why are Sly Cooper, Person 4 Golden, LBP Vita and Soul Sacrifice not system sellers? I know some people who bought PSV just for Person 4 Golden.

Edit: is the PS+ subscribers world wide? UK only ?

LOGICWINS1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

^^Your forgetting the fact that COD was a bad game that was critically demolished, thus receiving bad word of mouth.

If done right, a Battlefield game with the full FrostBite engine would work wonders on the Vita.

Btw yes, those numbers are worldwide.

xPhearR3dx1649d ago


Um, it's not a third parties job to sell another companies system. It's the companies job that made the system to sell it and increase their fanbase to convince the third party they should use their resources to make a game for it.

If a third party felt a console or handheld isn't going to do so well, why would they waste company time and resources to develop a game that might not sell so well? Unless the company who made the system set up a deal with a third party to help funding, it's their job to make a system seller, not a third party.

Outside_ofthe_Box1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Talk about being hypocritical.

***"If done right, a Battlefield game with the full FrostBite engine would work wonders on the Vita."***

Why can't that be the case for, to put it in your words, "inferior versions of pre-existing Sony IPs" as well?

The problem isn't that that they are well established IPs. It's that the games just aren't good. A lot of good games on the original PSP were IPs that were established on console, The GTA stories, FF:Crisis Core, and Kingdom Hearts come to mind.

Well known IPs are what the Vita needs, not new IPs that people aren't going to be willing risk $250+ on. Gravity Rush could have had 10s across the board and it still wouldn't have pushed enough units to consider a "system seller."

The games just have to be good. Publishers and developers can't half-ass a game expecting the name alone to garner the sales. People aren't going to be throwing away their money like that in today's economy.

Knushwood Butt1649d ago

Soul Sacrifice is going to sell Vitas in Japan at least, so yeah, it's a system seller.

Could be a sleeper hit in the west too. It's fast and accessible.

parkerpeters1649d ago

I bought my vita exclusively for LBPV... Then I got a bunch of other fantastic stuff for it :)

xursz1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Monster Hunter is a system seller,,, in Japan. Don't forget monster hunter games have rarely sold well in NA or Europe.

Oddly enough I think the best selling MH game outside Japan was on the Wii with a few million sold. Correct if I'm mistaken.

GTA has sold 10 million or so on psp despite hacking so that's a feat.

fatstarr1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

clearly if they were system sellers the vita would have 10mill sold world wide.

Enter the logic free zone.

if everyone that disliked these comments went out and bought a vita Sony would have some sales. just fake fans and sony bandwagoners that say all this good talk on the internet but dont deliver lol.

talk is all good but numbers dont lie.

rainslacker1648d ago


What sells a system for one person, isn't the same for another. Some games have a bigger fan base and more people may buy a system for GTA, GT, Pokemon, or Monster Hunter for instance. Then there's UC:GA which made me want to get a Vita. If it wasn't that then Gravity Rush may have pushed me to get one as it was very unique. P4G definitely would have pushed me to buy one, and if not that then YS: Celceta would be a 100% buy for me.

The Vita has plenty of games that people might be willing to buy the system for. Just because you have a narrow view, and think you know what all gamers want, doesn't mean that the system is lacking in appealing titles. If they are unappealing to you then so be it, but please stop acting like you speak for everyone. You know why COD wasn't a system seller for many on the Vita...because it lacked almost everything that made a COD game, and more importantly, people didn't have a lot of friends who had a Vita for them to play COD with.

I think one of Vita's greatest strengths right now is it's ever increasing library of games that appeal to more than just one group of people. There is literally a game that everyone could find appealing on the system, and as time goes by people will see more and more appealing games come for it. In fact, that's not just Vita's strength, but Sony's strength since they made the first PS1.

Heartnet1648d ago

Peronsa 4 is a system seller.. if your looking into the right genre market

kupomogli1648d ago


GTA sold well on the PSP before(LCS) and around the time it was hacked(VCS.) It's unfortunate that so many people pirated games because there were so many good games on the system that deserved much better sales than they received.

DOMination-1648d ago

Lol. Logic, don't even bother. N4G thinks the last guardian is a system seller when the two previous games sold 300 and 600k worldwide respectively (amazing games though they were).

The truth is, Sony do not own a single IP that can sell handheld systems. Nintendo on the other hand have Mario Kart, Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon and have made sure the big third party system sellers are exclusive. Ie. Dragons quest, professor layton and monster hunter. Then there's silly stuff like Art Academy and Brain Training.

To even suggest that Sly and Persona are on that level is ridiculous.

Sony are quite capable of making these games. LBP i think is one that SHOULD be selling units. Its not that they aren't advertising it, but in the UK at least they advertise it in the wrong way.

Ritsujun1648d ago

and LOGICWINS' not a winner either

Kurt Russell1648d ago

Everyone is getting their grumpy faces on for LOGIC, when really he has made me dream of a handheld BF.

kupomogli1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Monster Hunter is only a system seller if you're Japanese or one of the few non Japanese fans.

A system seller though doesn't have to be any one specific IP, game, etc. Something that's a system seller to one person might not be to another.

Regardless. It doesn't matter how many system sellers are on the Vita if a lot of people have no interest for some reason or another. Look at the 3DS. Where was its system seller the first eight months of release? While it didn't meet Nintendo's projected sales, the 3DS sold far more than the Vita did during the same time frame and everything good was a port or a remake. Literally.

This is just opinion. You don't have to agree with my opinion, but having both the Vita and the 3DS, I feel that the Vita has, so far, received much more quality content.

The 3DS is finally coming out with more games I'm interested in though. Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate, Devil Summoner Soul Hackers, and SMT4.

@LOGICWINS(reply to a post below.)

"Right. Why the hell would I spend 250 bucks to play something I can already get on a console I already own?"

Uncharted Golden Abyss, Wipeout 2048, Unit 13, Gravity Rush, LBP Vita, Ragnarok Odyssey, Shinobido 2, Assassin's Creed Liberation, Escape Plan, Aqua Kitty, etc.

Before you say, I can play "Uncharted" on my PS3, how about this. I can play Mario on my NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, etc. Golden Abyss is a new game, LBP Vita is a new game, Wipeout 2048 is a new game, etc.

The 3DS owners spent $250 for nothing but ports, remakes, and shovelware during the first eight months. You going to go and bash that crowd? I'm not saying go and do so. I'm just saying it'd be hypocritical not to.

miyamoto1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Price Cut first!

make it more affordable

andibandit1648d ago

Lets face it, games ported from PS3->Vita are NOT going to be system sellers.

A year after release the Vita still dosn't have a Flagship game and i fear it will never get one.

IMightBeRetarded1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

These are some of my favorite games of all time, and soul sacrifice looks amazing. I bough a vita for lbp , so yes it is a system seller.

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Erimgard1649d ago

That's the point though...the Vita doesn't need "PS3 games"

It needs interesting, unique, NEW games. Not smaller versions of something people can already get on their PS3.

LOGICWINS1649d ago

Right. Why the hell would I spend 250 bucks to play something I can already get on a console I already own?

zebramocha1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

@erimgard that's the stupidest thing I ever heard,nintendo does it and never got called out on it,one excuse someone remark was,"they make their console games work on a handheld",I don't see the problem,if the game translate well from console to handheld then why complain?if people can discribe tablet games as having console quality but not complain if the game doesn't match cod,then why for Sony it's wrong?I understand if the game didn't capture the mobile experience in a genre.I think people do want the console type games on a handheld but get up set when Sony does it.

@logic so nintendo gets away with it because they're nintendo,then that means every reviwer excluding pro Sony sites should not make a vita review because they'll wright it off as a port.

LOGICWINS1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

"that's the stupidest thing I ever heard,nintendo does it and never got called out on it"

^^Because its Nintendo! Everyone and their mother owns a DS or at the very least knows a person that owned a portable Nintendo handheld at some point in their lives. Nintendo could start selling water guns and they would sell out if priced correctly.

Sony has NOWHERE near the same clout in the handheld gaming space, hence why Nintendo can afford to get away with rehashing 20 year old IPs.

@zebramocha- When reviewed, Vita ports should be held to the same standard as their PS3 counterparts. Sony said the Vita was a "console" in your pocket, so it should be held to console standards.

Erimgard1649d ago


Yes and no. Nintendo counts on remakes/ports of classic games on their handheld systems, but you never saw them releasing Wii and 3DS versions of the same game at the same time and expecting people to go out and buy a 3DS because of it, just as Sony shouldn't expect that if they release a Vita/PS3 game that people are going to buy the Vita for it when they already own a PS3.