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Submitted by timbow1982 1097d ago | opinion piece

Wii U: The Games not over yet

With the news that Rayman Legends is no longer a Wii U exclusive, Reuben looks at the current state of Nintendo's latest console. (Nintendo, Rayman Legends, Wii U)

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Fierce Musashi  +   1097d ago
Nice read. The system just launched not too long ago, and I'm stunned people are so quick write it off as if this is going to be Nin's last console. After what we've seen happen with the PS3 and 3DS, anyone who didn't just start gaming recently should know better.

But yeah, it's a shame about that Rayman delay.

On a positive note, MH tri U is going to take so many hours of my life. <3
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a_adji  +   1097d ago
It's being written off because it does not have ps or ms before the U.

It's sad people forget how long and how Nintendo has helped build and establish the industry.

I understand people like different things but the out cry for a month old system is ridiculous.
PopRocks359  +   1097d ago
Grammar in the headline needs some editing. But no, the Wii U is not a failure/flop and it is not doomed despite the word of many a detractor/hater/troll. This launch has been nothing, if not rather conventional and given some time and new games, the sales will become more standard. I assume the same for the Vita once it gets more AAA exclusives.
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miyamoto  +   1097d ago
"Rayman Origins didn't sell well and it was on five different platforms. What makes you think Legends will fair any better post the announcement of the Nextbox/PS4 and releasing in the same month as GTAV and Wind Waker HD?"
50,000 units in the first month of sale

That is exactly the point. There is no guarantee Rayman Legends will be supported on Wii U either.
Ubisoft knows Nintendo fanatics prioritize 1st party games more than anything on Nintendo platforms.

Nintendo rabid fans act like they actually supported a Rayman Origins on the Wii like gamers bought Bayonetta on PS3.

Knowing 3rd party games like Rayman does not sell well on Nintendo platforms justifies Ubisoft's move.

People act like loosing Rayman's exclusivity is the end of the world for Nintendo.

Ninny fans need to grow up & show a little more maturity.

The Big N has survived through PS1 and PS2 domination and this Rayman thing is nothing compared to that.
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Fierce Musashi  +   1097d ago
From what I've seen, most of the uproar was over the big delay rather than it's exclusivity.
SuperShyGuy  +   1097d ago
Has a console ever been dumped on as much as Wii U?

I have never seen so many doom articles within the first three months(no not even the Vita).

The Wii U gets stories on how much it is selling in the UK (which is has the same population as the top two US states)even though Nintendo has never been strong in the EU, so it shouldn't have been a surprise.

Wii U biggest problem is the internet echo chamber telling everyone it has no games and will NEVER have games.
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thezeldadoth  +   1097d ago
sadly it was being dumped on before it was even announced.
Hicken  +   1097d ago
The PS3 was- and still is- dumped on more.

It's facing the same problem the PS3 has faced its entire life, and the same thing the Vita is currently facing.

I've got my questions about the console. For example, I don't know how well Nintendo can do this straddling the line between core and casual, especially since they haven't done a good job of telling people at large exactly what it is. But I don't think the system is doomed.
insomnium2  +   1096d ago
Yeah you should've been on the internets back in 2005-2009. The media was on fire blasting at PS3. This is nothing compared to that although I do recognize Wii U is getting some bs thrown at it.

Some seem to be justified (aimed at the awkward online or some other hardware related problems) but anything related to NO GAMES and Wii U being doomed as a console is utter BS.

I wish there was a way to stop the bs but since this very same bs is some sites' main income (in form of ad clicks) there really is no way to stop it. This is people trying to make ends meet what we have here with all the BS. It's bound to get worse as everyone knows how irritated people got when PS3 was the main target of all the BS this gen. It's bound to be even worse with PS4. No matter what disc format, no matter what HDD, no matter what games there are at launch and in the pipeline each and every single aspect of PS4 WILL BE DOOOOOOMED to failure. We've seen this all before. Some of us atleast.

This thing feeds off of negative energy.
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Realplaya  +   1097d ago
It's weird one developer once said you can never please people. You give them what they want and they want more. The only thing nintendo should have done was have a great game ready. If 101 had been released then it would have been a little better.
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thezeldadoth  +   1097d ago
if the wii u isn't doomed how will this sony circle jerk reach orgasm
just-joe  +   1097d ago
Give it time. The DS took awhile before Nintendogs came and help trump the PSP, (seriously it was Nintendog that did it no joke). It's been said before, never underestimate Nintendo. They'll always have something up their sleeve.
Jadedz  +   1097d ago
The majority of N4G members don't like Nintendo
Or Microsoft for that matter (though they hate Nintendo the most).

3rd party developers have a lot more options now, and Nintendo hardware hasn't been apart of their business equation since the N64 era (barring a few 3rd party developers). I read comments all the time; ''PS360 is still outselling the Wii U!'' It's a pretty simple answer why.

The Wii U is poorly supported (by 3rd party devs), I'm amazed how irrelevant the console has become in certain publishers eyes.

Nintendo's at fault somewhat with the Wii U, though I empathize its slow start to the industry's lack of interest in launching the same games being launched on the PS360 this late in their life cycle.
Deku-Johnny  +   1097d ago
The console has sold almost 4 million units in just two months, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that better than both PS3 and 360? Did they have loads of doom articles? The Wii U has ten times as many doom articles as the Vita yet the Wii U has more games and hardware sold. It's not about Nintendo not doing well it's that Sony/MS fanboys can't bare the fact Nintendo is capable of doing something good.
Picture_Dancer  +   1097d ago
LOL - go cry N fanboy somewhere else :D
ger2396  +   1097d ago
Why does it always take a certain game to sell systems. Why don't people buy the system now? I just don't see people waiting around for 1 or 2 games to buy a system. There are already good games out now. That goes for any system.
Kevlar009  +   1097d ago
Nintendo needs their Halo and Gears, their Killzone and God of War, something to cater to the action/blood/aggression hungry crowd that has emerged over the last decade and made MS and Sony so successful. They need that exclusive title where action, death, and realism (and I use that term lightly) is the name of the game

They aren't going to win many new people over with Mario, Zelda, or Metroid (despite how well-made and still wanted those series are)

It's nice to see Injustice and Aliens go to the WiiU, as well as Bayonetta's sequel, but those aren't gonna cut it
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