Cliff Bleszinski's biggest regret was the launch of Gears of War 2’s online play

Polygon: "Launching Gears of War 2's online play was the biggest regret of former Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski, according to a recently posted FAQ on his Tumblr."

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StrongMan1805d ago

He should regret it. That was the most broken, unplayable mess of a multi player I've ever played in my life. Nothing worked right. I wanted my money back after I played that trash. I traded it in after a couple of weeks and the game was still unplayable. Gears 2 was the worst multi player launch of all time.

NoobJobz1805d ago

Agreed. Was beyond pumped for Gears 2 after loving Gears 1 online. Got on after midnight launch and was pissed.

asmith23061805d ago

Completely agree. Myself and a friend were gears maniacs. Got home from the midnight launch and were like kids at Christmas who were given the wrong disc in the case by santa. We were devastated ha! It was a completely different game and the perfect example of a developer alienating its core fan base. That was pretty much my last hurrah with the 360. The only thing it had for me over the ps3 was gears, and epic ruined it. I traded my xbox around 3 months after.

ddurand11805d ago

that launch is what made my buy a PS3. gears was the only exclusive i played on 360. after the gears2 shenanigans i didnt see a reason to pay for xbox live anymore.

havent looked back since.

EVILDEAD3601805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Loved Gears 2 at launch.

I couldnt care less about the some of the multi issues as me and my friends played Horde for hours.

Still one of the best co-op campaigns this gen. The best was even when the fixed it completely there were still trolls online pretending it was broke well after.

Ahhh the console wars

Regardless campaign was a blast and Gears 3 was amazing.

Cant wait for the prequel in March.


@ ddrand1

So are you really saying that you literaly bought a PS3 solely because the multi in Gears had issues. sounds like a strange reason.

SilentNegotiator1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

To anyone hitting disagree:
Plus, there was the whole GETTING INTO a match thing.
How quickly fanboys forget.

I got GeoW 2 and 3 well after launch (cheap) because I've never liked how buggy the MP is, but enjoy the campaigns.

badz1491805d ago

and making lots of money on his way out too, he finally admitted how broken Gears 2 MP was, ha? that's so classy Cliff! /s

Kurt Russell1805d ago

It had so many issues that took long time to get patched and working. I still played through it though, even with the 40 minute wait times for a game... Loved it regardless.

Diver1804d ago

"ahhh the console wars"???????

yeah evil you know the war you helped keep going by being one of the chief attackers of sony. you do realize some of us have been around and know where to find your post history. get a different account cause its too late to try an paint yourself as a middle of the road guy.

insomnium21804d ago

So after all the high scores and great sales he comes out and says something like this. Geow 2's online (which was almost a perfect 10 out of 10 according to reviewers) is his biggest regret.

Something like this speaks volumes about the review system but hey let's not think about this and certainly let's not say that this game has been given a free pass for it's unplayable online. It's not like many other games (mainly PS3 exclusives) have been deducted any points from shaky online in the beginning. Warhawk says hello btw.

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thezeldadoth1805d ago

i think that series was shit after gears 1. the campaign was ok but nothing spectacular

solidt121805d ago

I really enjoyed 3. 1 is very good too though.

thezeldadoth1805d ago

I was a huge fan of gears of war 1. The rest of them were a let down, getting worse each installment. I'll actually wait for reviews before playing judgement, although the industry has proven, great reviews usually don't mean great games.

Eyeco1805d ago

Gears 1 was great

Gears. 2 was ok but it really hasn't aged too well in some areas, there's some really questionable level design choices, especially when your in the rift worm absolutely ridiculous, apparently Epic thought it was a good idea to play a game with no visibility, it wasn't hard just a stupid design choice, and there were several of those moments

Gears 3 excellent , refined gameplay , great level design to especially towards the end of the game

shackdaddy1805d ago

Campaign for Gears 2 was good but it had bad online. Online for Gears 3 was good but it had really meh campaign.

That's just my opinion though...

sobekflakmonkey1805d ago

The first gears was definitely the best, the whole clunky running thing and chunkiness of the game just got lame for me, needed to move on to more fluent games.

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morganfell1805d ago ShowReplies(11)
omi25p1805d ago


Did you actually play it. Judging by ALL of you're previous comments you have never had a 360 and there for are completely unable to comment on the matter.

On topic, This game was really buggy at launch but after a few months in worked fine.

It was certainly a better game than the third one.

FriedGoat1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I love gears multiplayer, gears 1,2 and 3 I enjoy playing online. However the single player is pretty repetitive and boring.
You are lying to yourself if you think gears 2 got fixed, it didn't, it's still broken now. The only way they could fix the engine was to get dedicated servers as they did with 3. I was still getting games where players spawn with no guns and can't shoot a few months ago. Not only that, the host advantage was ridiculous, shots wouldn't register etc. I could write a book on existing issues in gears 2.

I still play gears 3 now and then, the dedicated servers are refreshing and far more fair. And I also enjoy destroying everyone.

hazardman1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Good ?. I was thinking the same thing. This guys is forevr bashing Microsoft and xbox brand all of a sudden he's playing Gears!

ALLWRONG1805d ago

omi25p that's the way it works here. PS3 fanboys pretend they played something they never have. Look at their profiles, you can see how they claimed to have traded their so called 360's or stopped paying for Live 10-20 times now. Sad thing is they keep trying.

AngelicIceDiamond1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Why are people agreeing with him? He doesn't have XBL or Gears look at his comment history. This is just giving him another excuse to troll with out actually being marked down for it.

He wouldn't know anything about Gears or anything Xbox related.

EDIT: On Topic:
Other than that the MP was a mess even the constant patches didn't help it. I haven't played Gears 3 yet but I heard all major problems from 2 have been solved and Gears 3 runs very smooth.

showtimefolks1805d ago

Yet reviewers still gave it great scores go figure

That's why it's so hard to trust reviewers,

1805d ago
Lvl_up_gamer1805d ago

Even with shotty online matchmaking for the first 3 months and just taking a long time sitting in the lobby serarching, it was still better then Uncharted 2's multiplayer.

spicelicka1805d ago

am i the only who didn't have that many problems with gears 2 online?

Death1805d ago

The issues didn't affect everyone. If memory serves correctly, I didn't have issues at launch either, but many people did. It definately got better over time though with updates.

As far as paid off reviewers go, there was no online to review before the game launched. Reviewers get early copies before the game is released. Without server stress or in some cases, completed copies, it is hard to address all concerns. Go back and read the reviews and feedback and you will see the game was reviewed on it's offline content more than anything. Online was considered above and beyond then.

MizTv1805d ago

It sucked ass
I played so much gears1 but 2 ruined the series for me

kickerz1805d ago

Dude you aints got to lie. You have never played gears. You hate everything Xbox. Everyone knows it.

otherZinc1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Cliff made me happy as hell!
Gears 2 single player was fantastic!
Gears 2 campaign co-op was fantastic!
Gears 2 Horde mode was fantastic!
This is all I play, just these modes.

Cliff, thanks! I love this series, my friends and family are playing all 3 Gears games campaign co-op, getting ready for Gears Of War:Judgment.

Avalanche1805d ago

you obviously didnt play Socom Confrontation.

xPhearR3dx1805d ago

This. lol what a joke of a mess that game was at launch.

Dark_Overlord1804d ago

But the point is where as SOCOM got hammered for its faults, Gears got a free pass with 9's and 10's given out left, right and center. Either the same review standards applies to all games, or they shouldn't review it at all. Its why gaming 'journalism' is constantly mocked by gamers.

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MontyQ1805d ago

cliffy B 4 lif3 jazz jackrabbit ftw

DEATHxTHExKIDx1805d ago

I actually like Gears 2 online a little more than Gears 3. I wish all the Gears 2 maps DLC included were in Gears3. Cause I am not to fond of most Gears 3 maps.

bestofthebest1805d ago

same here gears2 had some of the best maps, gears 3 not so much

konnerbllb1805d ago

Ditto. I liked the maps more and I also liked how the hammerburst was actually useful. Not to mention that the sawed off didn't exist back then.

It wasn't so bad if you got host or someone near your location got host. I think I played had something like 30 days worth of actual game time in gears 2.

Gears 3, got to level 40 and haven't touched it since.

rpd1231805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

I'm surprised he acknowledges some of the mistakes in the game. Though I actually do like the buffness of the characters.

SAE1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Loved the first gears but i couldn't handle playing the sequels. The bigger the game the worst become for me. It's still fun and hard playing gears of war 1 multiplayer >.< ..

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