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Impulse Gamer: "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a special game and a rare beast in the current console generation. A traditional Japanese RPG with a deep and rewarding gameplay experience with a level of polish reserved for the biggest of franchises. Even if level grinding and monster catching is outside your comfort level, this game is worth checking out. Once you spend a few hours with Oliver, Mr. Drippy and his friends you will not be able to put Ni No Kuni down."

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Ilovetheps41863d ago

I just beat this game the other night. It was an amazing game that I really enjoyed. The story was incredible, the battle system was fun, and the graphics were amazing. Only gripe I had was that your teammates weren't that great. They kind of felt stupid at some times. Overall a great game though. It definitely is deserving of this score.

Ezz20131863d ago

i was just thinking ps3 have alot of GOTY contenders this year
with Ni No Kuni,TLOU,GOWA,Beyond etc

Xof1863d ago

Here's a tip: if you don't want to sound like a fanboy, try not to sell unreleased games as GOTY quality.

ApolloTheBoss1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

@Xof Was that really called for?

NateCole1863d ago

@Xof. Nah your over reaction is a clear sign of a fanboy.

Ezz20131863d ago


i won't attack you like you did
after what we saw from those games would be not in the right mind
if you don't see them as GOTY contenders

j-blaze1863d ago

Beyond is going to be masterpiece! :D

on topic: good review but i personally would give it a 7 it was a good game overall, but i played and seen better games

DigitalRaptor1863d ago

@ j-blaze. You liar. You've been underselling Ni no Kuni since it started to get hype behind it from people on here and across the web.

You even had to ask my opinion on it before you showed any real interest. You told me via PM not 2 days ago that you'll "have to check it out soon" based on my recommendation.

So in less than 2 days, you've bought and completed Ni no Kuni??? Yeah, that's totally believable. This proves that nothing you say is relevant AT ALL!!!

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BoNeSaW231863d ago

Lie on J-blaze! Lie on!