Mobile Console Wars: The Second Part of the Battle for Gamers

VGUT.TV's Andrew Nino takes a look at the the various mobile consoles vying for gamer's attention as well as the future plans that companies might have.

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Jakens1802d ago

There is a battle with Mobile consoles? Hmm.

AndrewNino1802d ago

I believe there is, though it's much less pronounced than the console war we're seeing.

1802d ago
JBSleek1802d ago

Mobile is controlled by games and tablets. From a pure number standpoint. I know gamers hate hearing that but its true. Mobiles biggest competition are$200 tablets and phones.

Before I get the rage it doesn't mean they are better games which is subjective to begin with its just from a consumer standpoint would you get a $200 Nexus 7 or a $169/$250 machine with expensive games. Just speaking from the average consumer mindset so be gentle.

AndrewNino1802d ago

Hey there, I'm Nino the writer of the article. I actually agree with you completely, the only console developer that seems to know and (try) and act on it is Microsoft with Xbox Smartglass.

1802d ago