Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC: Treyarch Promises News Next Week for PS3/PC Fans

Ravi Sinha: ''Though Xbox 360 fans are currently enjoying the new Revolution DLC for Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – which adds new multiplayer apps, a new Zombie map and a brand new Zombies mode that lets you play as an Infected hunting humans – PS3 players have been a little less…lucky.

That’s because the DLC is yet to release for the PS3 and PC versions. So just when can the Revolution DLC be expected?''

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NastyLeftHook01925d ago

why not right now? why next week?

aceitman1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

what, that its going to be released 30days from the 360 , we know that already. we are use to it .

hennessey861925d ago

"Down hill" and I must say the graphics look stunning on that level.

LocutusEstBorg1925d ago

Fucking money grab. There will be literally just 100 players worldwide on Steam making this utterly worthless.

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NaiNaiNai1925d ago

Been a Die hard COD fan for a long time, because it broke up my strategic stuff with ARMA and the older recon games with my buddies.

However I've regretted every purchase of the series fora long time now.

No more chances from me.

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